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the daughters This woman was


This woman was super proud of her artwork, and was more than happy to let me photograph her tattoos. She told me that these were her "daughters". slasher galore.
Nicole for Square one bmx outside of full pipe. Nicole once more.

sprocket tatoo

Nicole once more. Hangin in homestead P.A. outside of a full pipe the guys ride sometimes.
Evil Chris Smoking Second attempt at

tattoo gallery sprocket

Second attempt at using a Kershaw 450 to shoot using a 35mm film. Not Sure what has caused the red blob, but I kinda like it.
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Three random tattoo ideas

Judas Iscariot - Borderline Jew JUDAS ISCARIOT ?


JUDAS ISCARIOT ? – 29/33 CE Since we started "Jew or Not Jew", we've received just one piece of hate mail, which might speak of the lack of readership more than it does of the website's quality. But we don't really care if one person reads JONJ or a thousand do... It's our little project, and we'll be damned if we'll let public opinion — or lack there of — sway our work. That said, that lone piece of hate mail came from our profile of Jesus. That was written months ago, and we've yet to come back to profile another biblical character. And that's not because of that single piece of hate mail; it's just that the Jews in the Old Testament are all obviously obvious (how many 5/5/5 profiles of Abraham/Jacob/Moses do we need), and our knowledge of the New Testament is understandably lacking. And then there's Judas. Good old Judas. Good old Judas? Well, no, considering that some scholars believe that the similarity between his name and the word for "