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=O ... soy impulsiva/

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... soy impulsiva/ I'm impulsive y me gustan las estrellas.... what can I do?
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new tattos @ black jacks, murcia.
"The Duel" by Polly - FOR SALE $370 Currently on view

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Currently on view at Hope Gallery for the "Disturbance in the Force" exhibit. This item is available for sale. For inquires please email or call us Monday-Friday at 203-467-1622
+ 1 Girl 4 Styles + Ma modèle, Charline,

tattoo of a star and moon

Ma modèle, Charline, durant un shooting sur différents thèmes vestimentaires.

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Suicide Girl Photo2 Taken by: Jordyn

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Taken by: Jordyn Model: Myself Photos taken to apply for Suicide Girls.
Black Cat Head Necklace BIG Black Cat

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BIG Black Cat Head Necklace Krampus Lamb Find this item on my etsy shop here. Image and design (c) 04/11 Ugly Shyla,please don't steal it's not nice and makes the baby Jesus cry. This necklace was inspired by my cat Krampus Lamb .It's a LARGE black cat shaped pendant.With Absinthe green swarovski crystal rhinestones in the eyes. It's strung on a chunky gunmetal adjustable chain.It's made from black glazed Porcelain. It has a thick acrylic glaze on the back so it's not scratchy feeling when you wear it against your bare skin. Measurements: Chain is inches 12 ,the necklace over all is 15 inches and the pendant is 3 inches. The pendant is made out of Porcelain,the same tea cups are made out of ,which will last for thousand of years if you don't beat the hell out of it. All of my jewelry is hand made with vintage and or found components and also hand made and sculpted components,Or is