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Seen Drawing On Spray Can Label SEEN drawing a

old school tattoo style drawing

SEEN drawing a throw-up on a 1966 krylon bright silver enamel paper label.
hazy. Today's outfit! Geoff

belt style tattoos

Today's outfit! Geoff doubted this blazer at first but I like it bunches. It's getting too big, though. Striped Blazer, Rag-O-Rama trade Limited sheer blouse, thrifted BDG Mid Rise Burnt Orange Cigarettes, UO White House Black Market shoes, thrifted Faux antique necklace, UO Hazy Days Sunnies, UO Black belt with gold hardware, thrifted Total cost of outfit = $30 Taken with 5D Mark ii. Tumblr | Blog | Lookbook | Chictopia
Caio Cover up. Desenho

japanese kanji tattoo style

Cover up. Desenho exclusivo, tattoo em progresso.
Kaelah Outfit 8.10.10 Denim Dress: Forever

belt style tattoo

Denim Dress: Forever 21 $25 White Ruffle Top: Walmart (Miley Cyrus + Max Azria) $12 Belt: Thrifted Tights: c/o We Love Colors Flats: Kmart $13
Vintage Shoot

fifties style tattoo
RICHARD SEEN MIRANDO History teacher giving

old school style tattoos 13

History teacher giving class lessons
Pequeña estatua de terror Viviana Bovino, Actriz.

vintage tattoo style

Viviana Bovino, Actriz.

Three random tattoo ideas

66/365 // Year 2 Wanted (the closest

tattoo sun calf

Wanted (the closest thing I have to) my fella in the picture with me.
new tattoo i took these

tattoo vine leaves

i took these shots a couple of hours after leaving the studio so that i could see the colours since it's not easy to look at that part of my body in a mirror. the downside of course is that there was still clingfilm over it with a load of squidgey barrier cream and excess ink so it doen't look as good as it could. but i wanted to upload this to show a friend as soon as possible. at the end of the summer i'll have the rest of the colour work done (the flowers will eb shades of red and orange) plus shadow work.