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Bondage Ducky Tattoo by Miss

tattoo submissive

Tattoo by Miss Blue. Permanently Scarred 3232 W. Sylvania Ave Toledo, OH 41613
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Three random tattoo ideas

remember. Remember when it

tattoo letters man

Remember when it was just so easy to simply be?
Sparks TCB A different take

tattoo tcb

A different take on Elvis' TCB
Outline Inked at Blue Heart Tattoo Artist Rex I was very

tattoo blue bell get

I was very happeh not only with the design and look of my tattoo but also with the atmosphere and the artists personality. There were a few points that hurt a bit more then others and I think thats more my own thing then anyone elses due to the fact that I talk with my hands I couldn't really talk and I tried too text my twitter but all those made me move a bit to much so I had a bit of a hard time taking my mind from the actual process. In the end it was well worth it and I can't wait till I get my next one :) And I will for sure be heading back to Blue Heart Tattoo and Rex :) Yes I now only took photos but video also which is posted on YouTube First of 3 videos TwitPWR . com/5vV/ Second TwitPWR . com/5vW/ Third and final TwitPWR . com/5vX/ Photos are in my photo album.