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Bondage Ducky Tattoo by Miss

tattoo submissive

Tattoo by Miss Blue. Permanently Scarred 3232 W. Sylvania Ave Toledo, OH 41613

Three random tattoo ideas

DEFENSOR HOMINUM ©MCMLXXIII - 31/365 I've seen the

the meaning of the tattoo fire

I've seen the light, so had better turn it on. Latin translation of the meaning of my full name. Alexander = 'Defender of Man(kind)'. The ©MCMLXXIII explains itself, assuming you can understand roman numerals. Tatttoo by Kim @ Sinkin' Ink ', Shelton, Stoke-on-Trent.
getting tattooed i believe i

bayside bird

i believe i was talking to claire when she took this! (: 05/01/10
Untitled Striped Sheet Series, Savannah 2001, #3810 From the original

tattoo on nudes

From the original Striped Sheet Series, Holga Camera, Tri-X 120 film, scanned negative.