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Bondage Ducky Tattoo by Miss

tattoo submissive

Tattoo by Miss Blue. Permanently Scarred 3232 W. Sylvania Ave Toledo, OH 41613
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Three random tattoo ideas

Froggy finally finished, frog

froggy tattoos

finally finished, frog with violet. i'm digging it pretty good,
79/365: once upon a time. "no time before

tattoo lyric

"no time before it's too soon no time after it's too late time's getting old, time's over now don't try to be on time don't try to run after time time's getting on, time's over now..." - air - --- ...whom i'm off to see in a few hours :) so this is a post and run. it's kinda similar to yesterday's, kinda not. this time it's all natural lighting though.
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rosa milano

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