Swahili - Tattoowise

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Binti, my host sister Mariamu's new baby girl Her forehead is

swahili tattoo fotos

Her forehead is decorated in the traditional Swahili way for newborns
first tattoo By Klara at

swahili tattoo

By Klara at Swahili Bob tattoo in Stockholm Rope on either side is not really visible in this shot so I might upload another Shine due to tattoo cream Will upload a final shot after it´s healed
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Three random tattoo ideas

Kingpin Pictured here is

low front tattoos

Pictured here is a rare up close and personal photo of the founder of Rollerz Only Car Club, Troy Staehler, sitting at his office desk in his Southern California home. Rollerz Only has over 1,300 members world wide and is one of the largest and most controversial custom-car clubs in existence today, consisting of mostly lowrider-type vehicles. In background (partially visible) are two R.O. members and in the foreground, thousands of dollars of cash and one of the R.O. club plaques (depicting the club logo with a couple dice).
IMG_5615 Street tattoo artist Rangoon, Burma.

tatoo krishna

Rangoon, Burma.
Quetzalcoatl The winged serpent.

quetzalcoatl tattoos

The winged serpent. Done by Nissaco at the amazing Chopstick Tattoo in Osaka, Japan. I designed it in Adobe Illustrator. I'm really happy with the way his feathers look kind of soft.