Swahili - Tattoowise

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Binti, my host sister Mariamu's new baby girl Her forehead is

swahili tattoo fotos

Her forehead is decorated in the traditional Swahili way for newborns
first tattoo By Klara at

swahili tattoo

By Klara at Swahili Bob tattoo in Stockholm Rope on either side is not really visible in this shot so I might upload another Shine due to tattoo cream Will upload a final shot after it´s healed
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Three random tattoo ideas

111/365 Y2 - LYRICS Now that I’ve


Now that I’ve officially jumped into the Body Armor project I figured that like the 365 project, upon its completion it would be bound into book. So moving forward with this, I’m looking for friends, family, acquaintances, friends of friends, anyone that has “Body Armor” is more than welcome to be a part of this project. I’ve seen SO many tattoo shots that are somewhat plain and lacking in artistic value. Not lacking from a tattoo standard; however lacking from a portrait point of view. The angle, the lighting, the perspective, the depth field; all in most case seem to lack a bit of creativity. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen a lot of EXCELLENT work out there, however the general capturing of most ink is in my opinion leave a lot to be desired. So with that being said I started “BODY ARMOR”; INK the way it should be seen. Strobist INFO: Shutter Speed 1/160 Aperture 2.8 ISO 100 Lens – Canon 70-200 IS Focal Length 125 White Bal – Flash Sync 580exII at 1/64