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Cool With just a

maori tatoeages

With just a few tattoo's showing.
Harleyriders - Harleyrijders <b>

Although the official

desenhos de tatoeages

Although the official Harleyday is forbidden by the Municipality of Breda, on August 19, 2012 there was once again an unofficial Harleyday on the third Sunday of August in the Dutch city of Breda. Omdat de officiƫle Harleydag van de Gemeente Breda niet meer mag plaatsvinden, ontstond 19 augustus 2012 in de Bredase binnenstad ook nu weer een officieuze Harleydag op de derde zondag van augustus. Klik hier voor een link naar het album met nog veel meer foto's: ruudmorijn.blogspot.nl/ View large on black
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Three random tattoo ideas

White in koi done That's it! 3

color koi tattoo

That's it! 3 hours of work and Shane's done all of the colouring. The white ink in the koi doesn't show up very well at the moment, but it will be more evident as the swelling goes down.
Fulani Fulani ( Peul

tattoo images tribal

Fulani ( Peul ) woman on Birni Kazoe market, eastern Niger. Fulani are nomad tribe spread all over West Africa Sahel belt, they travel a lot and seem to be a lot more open and intelligent than settled folk.They are dreamers, storytellers and singers, and they have great sense of humour. / www.nygus.info
octopus-outline for a side

octopus design tatoo

for a side piece