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embroidery scissors I finally got

tatto of scissors

I finally got them!
2 | 365 travis helped me

nighttime tatto

travis helped me with this one.. we both had different ideas of where to take it and this wasn't either one. overall i love the creepiness of the photo.
She's fading away

tatto caviglia

She's fading away Away from this world Drifting like a feather She's not like the other girls She lives in the clouds She talks to the birds Hopeless little one She's not like the other girls I know.
Mom Tattoo Snap of the

heart mother tatto

Snap of the "MOM" tattoo I got on January 26, 2008... my mother's 51st birthday.
..si Dipinge col cervello è poi con le Mani.. The Butcher ;-)

tatto per braccia

The Butcher ;-) a tattoo artist and a friend named Luigi..
Chainring Tattoo Chainring Tattoo

bike chain tatto

Chainring Tattoo
Perrillo IDO17

Seven Silences Tattoo

bullterrier tatto

IDO17 Seven Silences Tattoo Zaragoza. Telf: 976 571 504

calabera tatto

ESTAS AUNQUE TE HAYAS IDO ////////serie fotografia//////
tattoo Convention 3 de abril de 2011 Tattoo da Nynna

cerejeira tatto

Tattoo da Nynna feita no BH Tattoo Convention 5 horas de tattoo. Meu muito obrigado pela força dos amigos e dos conhecidos, e aos não conhecidos também! Muito obrigado pela força mesmo! Tamo Junto valeu galera Edge +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Ola pessoal aqui é a Nynna noiva do Edge Passando pra contar e informar que Edge esta montando o estúdio dele! "Deus abençoe" Então o novo endereço onde ele estará tatuando Endereço é Avenida dos Andradas 2287, sala 1305, Floresta, esquina com Contorno, ponto de referencia Frigorífico Perrella... E fica a dois quarteirões do Boulevard Shopping... caso haja alguma mudança eu informarei! sem mais delonga amor parabéns, Deus tome conta e abençoe muito seu caminho! Tamo junto e misturado sempre, te amo! ótima semana a todos Ass: Nynna ****************************************** EDGE TATTOO www.orkut.com/Community.aspx?cmm=47281081&refresh=1 www.myspace.com/edge_tattoo www.flickr.com/photos/edge_tattoo/ www.fotolog.com/edge_tattoo www.fotolog.com/tattoo_edge www.portaltattoo.com/galerias/tatuadores/tatuador.asp?ID=...
Boo_Yao_40652 Model: <a href="http://www.modelmayhem.com/1643115"

cherryblossoms tatto pictures

Model: Boo Yao Lighting Info: AB800 with 20%grid Camera Left on Face. Fired with iShoot wireless trigger. 580EXII Speedlight handlheld above lens for fill Fired with iShoot. LP160 Speedlight Camera left with green gel, camera left on back wall, fired with iShoot. LP160 Speedlight Camera Right with Magenta gel, for rimlight on model and light floor. Fired with iShoot.
 <a href="http://www.delacriptatattoo.com" rel="nofollow">www.delacriptatattoo.com</a>



classic rose tatto

www.delacriptatattoo.com delacriptatattoo@gmail.com Mr. Duck Plunkett

Three random tattoo ideas

A Day Without Shoes  Ok, so there

fire strip tatto

Ok, so there is this awesome place called Toms Shoes....they are a store that sells awesome shoes and for every pair they sell they send a pair to a child in need. They do this all across the world. Yesterday in order to support and to see what people live like every day without shoes it was the first annual A Day Without Shoes. Me and about 10 other people went and walked down the Las Vegas Strip barefoot!!! We even got one guy to join us. :) So this is just a shot of perhaps the most pretty pair of feet there....my awesome friend Lauren Goff!! :) Check out Toms website!! www.toms.com/ And also.....the 7th was my 18th birthday and my parents went out and bought me a Cannon Rebel XSI! So this is shot using that. :D Any tips on shootin with it let me know.