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Sailor Jerry Butterfly I Ragz Rejected~

Katalist Konsepts

tatto collins

Ragz Rejected~ Katalist Konsepts 218 Linden St. Fort Collins CO 80524 970-472-1675 ragz1138@yahoo.com
SpitShading 06 Stage Two: lines

free tatto flash

Stage Two: lines - Size 12x16in - Time: around two hours or three - For him: (Jamie Allen Jones) www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000503830030 FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/donchuckcarvalho BLOG: thetraditionalway.blogspot.com/ TWITTER: twitter.com/#!/chuckcarvalho
You Will Never Be The Same Robo gets a

asien tatto

Robo gets a sun tattooed between his shoulder blades by Juan Carlos.
In de Nile Egyptian pieces are

el dragon tatto

Egyptian pieces are so damned much fun. this whole deal was randomly put together over a long period.
Flogging Molly live @ Rock

italia tatto festival

live @ Rock in IdRho 2011
 twit's were talking

pinkhair and tatto

twit's were talking about tattoos. then tacha said she wanted to see everyones... so here ya go, babes! :)

Three random tattoo ideas

strawberry fields beatles tattoo to

beatles tattoos

beatles tattoo to cover up some old scars
The Bat Tattoo ©TheNakedArtisan The tattoo


©TheNakedArtisan The tattoo is real.
Lightware "Sometimes you just


"Sometimes you just need more than one" Agency: Elvis Bonapart Art Director: Dave Helfrey Client: Lightware Inc. Illustration © Bill Mayer 1998