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7/365. tattoo. 7/365. this is

kenny tatto

7/365. this is my wife mandy. and these are two of her tatoos. they are very special to her. they represent two children that we lost. she never ever wants us to forget them. paisly and emersyn
Dance Gavin Dance Taken at the

jonny craig tatto

Taken at the Scranton Warped Tour '11
Kevin Jonas .. tattoo. :D Just found this

dani tatto

Just found this out. (Don't call me slow if you already knew, lol. I've been at school all day & this seems to have JUST surfaced due to a Cambio vid. :D) Kevin has a tattoo. It's on his left ring finger & says: Dani. He got it soon after they were married. (: We normally can't see it though 'cause his wedding band covers it up & it just so happens that his ring was off in this picture 'cause he was playing in a Road Dogs game. (; So glad it was. I think it's adorable that he got that tattooed there. & I find it just plain amazing because a Jonas Brother has a tattoo, hahah. (x So what do you guys think of it? (: Follow! I'll follow ya back. (: www.twitter.com/jonasjacksonx
UNDERØATH cris & tim

tatto band emo

cris & tim
Reforma no trevo da Betth * Depois* 10/12/11 Tattoo by Rebeca

tatto para me

Tattoo by Rebeca Abade @ Bekah Tattoos - São Paulo, Brasil
mehndi tattoo 8 Henna tattoo
by kami

fotos tatto kami

Henna tattoo by kami
Andes Andes, designed by

typography tatto

Andes, designed by Daniel Hernández, is a display typeface that has neo-humanist characteristics. Its different terminals, among other elements, give it a look of mixed typography. It comprises 8 variants, ranging from Thin to Black, each of the same x-height. This typeface contains additional italic glyphs (a, y, z, g) that help to emphasise text or words. Andes is based on the design of Merced and both of them share several features. This type is well-suited for use in retail, magazines, logotypes, books, etc. new.myfonts.com/fonts/latinotype/andes/
GHOST IN THE CLOAK SOCIETY of Life Abundant in the Face of Death Imminent MMX Photo: Max Dolberg

tatto koji

Photo: Max Dolberg
Dragon 006 Complément du tatouage

arte dragon tatto

Complément du tatouage avec la couleur. N'hésitez pas à retrouver notre travail et toute l'équipe sur le forum pro gratuit: forum.artecorpus.fr/ Vous aimez notre travail ? Alors rejoignez-nous dès à présent sur Facebook : www.facebook.com/ilikeartecorpus
Hello Boys Taken at Aura

dirty tatto studio

Taken at Aura Photographic Studio. Presenting the Beautiful Becky H www.purestorm.com/profile.aspx?id=beckyh1871
2012-08-10 5DIII S FL Tattoo Expo 042 Wonder Woman ...

l a ink tatto com

Wonder Woman ... took this for Laura

Three random tattoo ideas

365-34-cropped One of these

tatoo butterflys

One of these days I will over come my fears and get a tattoo. Probably nothing as elaborate as this, but something along these lines.