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DSC00479 My cubicle, safe

tatto in kuwait

My cubicle, safe and cool barracks.
50006404 Papua new guinea,

tatto islander

Papua new guinea, bismarck archipelago, long island, old tattooed village man
Hot Rod Shoot (7) these are my

tatto jes fotos

these are my 'second level' images, or small photos in my Pin-up book Information and access to my book here: Hoodlum Beach Pin-ups By David Clow Click Here for PDF Book Preview
sweetest just the beginning.

tatto sweets

just the beginning.
_DSC3207Edit Work by Shayne

jocelyn tatto

Work by Shayne Foy of Temple Art Tattoo in Hagerstown, MD.
neon2 The Enigma having

the enigma tatto

The Enigma having swallowed the neon tube. Baltimore Tattoo Convention, February 10, 2008.
backgroung only Blue flamebackground added

alex tatto

Blue flamebackground added to existing piece by alex higgins
elevator Model: Minna

From the

blog tatuagem tatto tatoo

Model: Minna From the ring flash test (compared Ray Flash against ECO ringflash & Proring ringflash).
Spirit Hood Me :D:x;)

cold fish tatto

Me :D:x;)
A Day Without Shoes  Ok, so there

fire strip tatto

Ok, so there is this awesome place called Toms Shoes....they are a store that sells awesome shoes and for every pair they sell they send a pair to a child in need. They do this all across the world. Yesterday in order to support and to see what people live like every day without shoes it was the first annual A Day Without Shoes. Me and about 10 other people went and walked down the Las Vegas Strip barefoot!!! We even got one guy to join us. :) So this is just a shot of perhaps the most pretty pair of feet there....my awesome friend Lauren Goff!! :) Check out Toms website!! www.toms.com/ And also.....the 7th was my 18th birthday and my parents went out and bought me a Cannon Rebel XSI! So this is shot using that. :D Any tips on shootin with it let me know.
CASA CN-235 022 Polish AF Casa

foto af tatto

Polish AF Casa CN-235 022 departing RAF Fairford at the end of RIAT 2010 19th July 2010
Puerto Vallarta_186 Visitantes.

personas con tatto

footed I rehabbed a

scratch tatto

I rehabbed a great horned owl today at the MRP and she footed me through two layers of shirt when I was trying to catch her. Imagine what that would have looked like if it had been bare skin! (Three spots above and one below and to the right = an owl foot.) I have to say that her placement was too perfect - it's like she was grabbing my owl tattoo (which is on the inside of my left forearm)!
Pinup Tattoo Newest tattoo :D

tatto diana

Newest tattoo :D It's only ~4 hours old in this picture, the red grossness will go away and her face will look less like a gross red zombie thing. Took 3 hours, one sitting, I'm like totally a champ. I'll upload another when it's healed :D 10 bonus points if you recognise the type of camera she's holding :B Done by Terry Oh at In the Flesh Tattoos in Regina, SK

Three random tattoo ideas

Coffee Shop Employee's Hand Tattoos www.infernofestival.net/

fear nothing tattoo