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Acharavi beach lifeguard An improvemnt on

lifeguard tatto

An improvemnt on David Hasslehoff methinks!;0
Kelly Upshall (700) Model Details:

Kelly Upshall

model tatto leo

Model Details: Kelly Upshall PS ID: 178468 MM: #1533629 MUA: Kristi Moles Strobist Information: Nikon SB900 camera left shoot through 50" Westcott softbox @ 1/4 power. Nikon SB80DX immediate camera left shot through 30" white umbrella @ 1/2 power. Nikon SB28 camera right shot through 60cm softbox @ 1/4 power. Gold fill in refelctor. All triggered by Skyports. All information approximate as positions and power were changed during the shoot though fairly accurate. RAW files (NEF) imported through Lightroom and post processed in Photoshop. Camera/lens information please read the EXIF.
Ferbs-FramedAlibi-OUT_OF_STOCK-120209 Ferbs Cosmetics Alibi

tatto brush

Ferbs Cosmetics Alibi Setting Powder temporary tattoo cover up. Used to blend and protect temporary tattoo cover up. ferbscosmetics.com/products/#ecwid:category=146064&mo...
Play with me Modelo: Rodri

tatto carne

Modelo: Rodri
Day 70 sorry to say

tatto cat mirror

sorry to say that this is my last 365 i guess Day 70 isn't too bad for my first attempt especially with everything i've had going on this semester... i plan to make a 2nd attempt soon
Miss May I....lol messing around. 

tatto com mk

messing around. It was funny though. I was actually able to light the elephant and band with a single strobe. That thing is about 12ft tall! Strobist; AB1600 through large octabox. Pocketwizards -unedited www.rickwait.com
VERY messy... My new tattoo

tatto flo

My new tattoo
Mehndi Mehndi on a

tatto malu

Mehndi on a bride's hands at an Indian wedding.
the Ten Bells tattoo studio <a href="http://www.thetenbellstattoo.com/" rel="nofollow">www.thetenbellstattoo.com/</a>


tatto oldschool

www.thetenbellstattoo.com/ canon 5d one yn 580 in a 70 cm bauty dish @ half power one nude yn 580 behind yn radio triggers
Skul mikey

tatto skul

Tattoo Turista de Singapour

guatemala tatto

Turista de Singapour en playa guatemalteca. Muchos jóvenes turistas vienen a nuestro país a las escuelas de español. Singapour tourist in a guatemalan beach. Many young students come to our country to attend spanish schools.
Sight Vicious (Liz Vicious XIX) Miss Liz Vicious


emo tatto design

Miss Liz Vicious Sight Vicious Liz Vicious

Three random tattoo ideas

BeBoz and the Asurinis Video capture from

tattoo brazil tradition

Video capture from the film "Spirit of Boz in Xingu", a BeBoz - Ipiranga Foundation coproduction. Regiane Gonzalvez, representing Julien Friedler and BeBoz, encountered some Asurini indians, in Amazonia. Some have answered the "Around the Boz In 80 Years" questionnaires. Details : beboz.org/en/?p=69