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one more bird! Annie @ Phoenix

annie tatto

Annie @ Phoenix Tattoo, Raleigh NC
Lotus Flower Sketch Black & White- IMGP0071 Lotus Flower Sketch

blackwhite tatto

Lotus Flower Sketch / Pencil Drawing / Photo Based / Black & White
carpediem end of a

carpediem tatto

end of a shooting session, I couldn' t resist taking a pic of the stylist' s arm
quase acabando a tortura * projeto Buddha

dragon tatto buddha

* projeto Buddha e Dragão 3/3 tattoo por Carlos (Zé) - Spirit 77 . Bola Tattoo
Tattoo Studio tribalurge.co.uk

leu tatto

Castlefest 2012 White Castlefest is hét

medieval music tatto

Castlefest is hét middeleeuws - fantasy evenement van Nederland met inmiddels een grote Europese bekendheid. Op Castlefest, dat traditiegetrouw in het eerste weekend van Augustus plaatsvindt in de mooie tuinen van Landgoed Keukenhof in Lisse, zal alles in het teken staan van onze fantasywereld. Met toonaangevende bands uit heel Europa, catering volledig in stijl, van alles om te zien en te doen en een festivalmarkt is het een evenement om meer dan een dagje naartoe te gaan. www.castlefest.com/page/nl/2012/nieuws/nieuws.php
tattoo First tattoo...

o gatto tatto

First tattoo...
Cabaceiras Lajedo do Pai

pedras tatto

Lajedo do Pai Mateus, Paraíba
Ferbs-FramedLTO-TUandALIBI-120209 Ferbs Cosmetics temporary

photos de tatto

Ferbs Cosmetics temporary tattoo cover up cosmetic kits. ferbscosmetics.com/products/#ecwid:category=146064&mo...
Lotus Flower IMG_9896 Lotus Flower For

smoke tatto

Lotus Flower For the best results, please view on black background by clicking on this link.... Tkanks
 Natália - there's

spfw tatto

Natália - there's a lot of waiting involved in backstages. i hope you got your iphone (or a camera). Maria Bonita's backstage - SPFW winter '12
when he traced your figure with his eyes | may <i>never thought you'd

swing tatto

never thought you'd be the first one out. we blew it all up, blew it all up, blew it up. now we are alive.
 model : Mélodie

tatto carpe

model : Mélodie (Mrs_Collapse)
Grillin' fish restaurant imsouane,

tatto de surf

fish restaurant imsouane, marocco
P.H. TATTOO Coroa (antebraço)

tatto desenho grafite

Coroa (antebraço)

Three random tattoo ideas

 Waiting for her

tattoo birds on shoulder

Waiting for her first tattoo.
panda bear with key tattoo I tattoo @Tattoo

cute bear tattoos

I tattoo @Tattoo Boogaloo 528 Green St. San Francisco, CA 94133 (415) 391-1053
Dom #5 My friend Dom

lock and key feet tattoo

My friend Dom volunteered to help me out with some portraits as I wanted to practise. It was a good afternoon! His new feet tattoos.