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RNZAF Boeing 757 RIAT 2010

tattoo 757

RIAT 2010
originals_artists-04 <a href="">Zune introduces

free tattoo text

Zune introduces Zune-Originals customization Customers will have the opportunity to customize the back plate of their new players (Zune 4 & 8, 80) selecting among 27 original works from 18 artists. The customization offered includes size, color, illustration and up to four lines of text.
John Felix Arnold III Interview about Should I Stay or Should I Go - Story and Photos by Megan Wolfe for Warholian For more on

tattoo gallery crow

For more on the art in your world visit or follow us on Facebook at One of the artists on my press bucket list, I’ve wanted to write up a feature on John Felix Arnold III since I met him at a café show in Bernal Heights three years ago. At that time, I was actively publicizing the works of artists showing at the now deceased Babylon Falling bookstore, which included David Young V, Robert Bowen, David Ball, and C3. Unfortunately, I never quite got the chance to cover Felix at the bookstore, because I only became aware of his work directly after his show had ended. With Old Crow Tattoo in Oakland, California actively showing Felix’s work, thankfully, I’ve gotten another chance to chat with him about what inspires his expansive, post-apocalyptic installations. I stopped by his show "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" to get the shots and make up for lost time. Read the rest of the story here: All photos by Megan Wolfe for Warholian.
TEDxSiliconAlley 2012 Photo by Jakop

tattoo for immortality

Photo by Jakop Nazaretyan.
SuperStarDestroyer-Tattoostudio SuperStarDestroyer-Tattoostudio
Hamburg / Germany

501st legion tattoo

SuperStarDestroyer-Tattoostudio Hamburg / Germany

Three random tattoo ideas

Ganesh. Minha tattoo :)

tatuagem hindu

Minha tattoo :)
Side outline ink done by

sewing needles for tattoos

ink done by Spike at Spike-o-matic Tattoo in Madison WI
Calendar girls! Well, walking round

cherries of fire

Well, walking round co-op I saw a pack of Belgian buns, and suddenly thought Calendar girls photo opportunity! lol, we all do right? Appologies, and hopefully not offensive to anyone, just my sense of humour! I'm starting to feel better :)