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Hellhound by Mike Stu Pfost All artwork for

tribute tattoos gallery

All artwork for the "WE ARE 138: Tribute to The Misfits" is 7x7 and AVAILABLE FOR SALE!! Please call the gallery at 203-467-1622 for more information.
BrOkeN aRt  Opening CSU Hip Hop

hiphip tattoos

CSU Hip Hop Congress B-Boys
Img022 An industrial complex

great wine tattoos

An industrial complex outside Beijing.
papel saborizado. gente. 31 de julho

galeria do rock tattoos

31 de julho de 2012, martes Buenos Aires
loveandhatetattoo174 Love and Hate

loveandhate tattoos

Love and Hate Tattoo Phoenix, AZ by Tara O. Photos
Tank Girl Tattoo X-Stitch Tank Girl's tattoo

crossstitch tattoos

Tank Girl's tattoo and logo, done on 18-count white aida which I dyed with coffee :D
Tattoo culture event - Dana Centre October 7th 2008 Skin samples on

kensington tattoos

Skin samples on display

Three random tattoo ideas

The Veronicas The Veronicas -

singers tatoo

The Veronicas - Alabama Adventure Theme Park - July 3, 2009
Cheeky Proud Very happy with

pink cross tattoo

Very happy with these. At home with nothing to do. So under stuarts instruction I had a play with a flash....Still need practice. My first real go at self portrait and getting the lighting right...could have done with being shot a lill bit brighter tho maby. Did have some help with edits to oc, all being cross processed Let me know what you think :)