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Jump around. Gegge is playing

tattoos of a fists

Gegge is playing in the studio! One 500ws with softbox from upper right and one 500ws with softbox from the left.
Pixeleye Kalender 2013 - July (Femke Fatale) Get it here:

kool side tattoos

Get it here: The official Kool Lifestyle - Hot Rod & Pin-Up Calendar of Dirk "The Pixeleye" Behlau 2013 - preorder now! DIN A3 Landscape format, b/w and color! Limited edition, signed by the artist featuring 12 premium Hot Rod, Kustom Kulture, Pin-Ups & Tattoo photos by Dirk Behlau starring Victoria van Violence, Red Pearl, Femke Fatale... Incl. 2 extra free Pixeleye stickers! € 19,95 + shipping (€ 5 within Germany, € 9 within Europe and the rest of the world).
Lower torso apoxy mod Showing the top

raven feather tattoos

Showing the top view of the mod in progress.
 Old Serb Tattoo

sadhu tattoos

Old Serb Tattoo Club, salon privé à dix minutes de Perpignan,à Corneilla-la-rivière,uniquement sur rdv. je suis en guest une semaine par mois chez Art Corpus à Paris.
More photos available at  & Necklace by More photos available

tattoos sleeves cross

More photos available at & Necklace by
tattoo tatuaggi su schiena

tattoos spalle

tatuaggi su schiena e fondoschiena fatti da Santo Aleccia di Alcamo (TP)
1012 Jester's Court Meghan, my sister,

adams tattoos

Meghan, my sister, and I went to Jester Court's tattoo shop on the Southside of Pittsburgh, PA tonight to get our tattoos touched up (that we got a year ago tomorrow). Our tattoo artist is Shannon Daley, and if you're around Pittsburgh call 412-481-TATS to get your own original Shannon Daley work.
Terry Ribera San Diego Tattoo This is a

best lower front tattoos

This is a portrait of David's brother done by Terry Ribera at Avalon Tattoo II in San Diego Custom tattoos by Terry Ribera

Three random tattoo ideas

Angel, Demon & Roses Tattoo pt3 Tattooed by Ray

tattoo thorns vines

Tattooed by Ray at The Tattoo Studio, Crayford
Consequences VIEW ON BLACK


forearm tattoo photo

VIEW ON BLACK I was shooting the bow with dad today and the string caught my arm. :( The welt looked pretty nasty so I decided to take a photo of it. This started out as a simple photo, but eventually turned into this. I'm digging the non-square crop and the lighter colors. Something a little different and out of my comfort zone! I mainly put this up for the sake of uploading something different. Facebook page | Twitter | Tumblr | Formspring
Day 125. Revisited. [Explored #143] So this is

piano tattoos piano

So this is definitely not a new photo, but instead a re-edit of an old one. I was looking through a couple of folders and stumbled upon these. The original edit was performed before my screen was calibrated, and really before I knew what I was doing. After seeing the edits, and thankfully saving the RAW files, I think I'm going to re-finish all of these. I know I haven't posted anything in well over a week, but work has taken up most of my time, and well, an excuse is still an excuse. So hopefully i'll be posting more photos soon! Enjoy! ---------------------------- Nikon D70 50mm 1.8D f/1.8 1/60 ISO200 Some random flash shot through an umbrella. Portfolio | Facebook | Blog