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Beary Tattoo A friend drew

stiches tattoos

A friend drew this and it reminded my husband of his old beat-up teddy named Beary. Once upon a time, his sister handed him Beary's ear along with a ransom note requesting $5 for the return of the rest of Beary. Now they'll never be parted again. Original artwork by: Andrea Lane Principie Tattoo by: Blake of Tattoos by Betue
IMG_3298#2 Shading has begun...

manik23 tattoos

Shading has begun...
04022007239 A frangipanni postcard.

n70 tattoos

A frangipanni postcard. Chris drew by hand my tattoo, by looking at this postcard :)
female fisherman fisherperson with tattoo body art People Watching -

a fisherman tattoos

People Watching - a female fisherman fisherperson with tattoo body art - from the Port San Luis Pier in Port San Luis, (Avila) CA. At least two Humpback Whales were feeding amongst a bird and sea lion feeding frenzy in the bay near shore, inhabited by hundreds of kayakers and Standup Paddle (SUP) boarders, supervised by the Harbor Patrol. 19 August 2012. Photo © 2012 “Mike” Michael L. Baird, mike {at] mikebaird d o t com,, Canon 5D Mark III, with a Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM Telephoto Zoom Lens, with Canon EF 2X II Extender Telephoto Accessory, with a circular polarizer, tripod oops without a lens foot bracket for a balanced mount, shooting RAW, Lightly developed in Lightroom 4. See EXIF for photo-specific exposure settings, always Aperture priority for photos taken in this set. GPS coordinates should be accurate, using the Canon GP-E2 GPS Receiver for Canon EOS 5D Mark III Digital SLR Camera To use this photo, see access, attribution, and commenting recommendations at - Please add comments/notes/tags to add to or correct information, identification, etc. Please, no comments or invites with badges, images, multiple invites, award levels, flashing icons, or award/post rules. Critique invited.
Megan Fox Enjoy the pictures

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Enjoy the pictures of Megan Fox out in Hollywood earlier today (February 26). Get celebrity gossip on famous people, find Hollywood celebrity pictures.
Swallow Tattoo. Tail feathers of

pictures of nice foot tattoos

Tail feathers of my swallow tattoo
David Ramirez at the max

gibson acoustic tattoos

at the max dallas texas november 21 2009
me in black and green KILT THIS kilt and black Jacobite shirt 002 me in black

hippie face tattoos

me in black and green KILT THIS kilt and black Jacobite shirt
#RCT #raincitytattoo #vancouver #tree tattoo by Kirk

coastal art tattoos

tattoo by Kirk Sheppard , Rain City Tattoo Vancouver BC Canada www.kirksheppardtattoos. com
Koi_Fish_001_by_Jeremy Worst for sale by

crow tattoos paintings

for sale by jeremy worst

Three random tattoo ideas

Religious Bob Queiroz Brazilian

tatuagem de arabescos de flores

Bob Queiroz Brazilian Tattoo Artist São Paulo - Brazil - 55 11 3813-7239