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man with pistol tattoos

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Lucky 13 front set-up [ Outtake ]

lucky13 tattoos

[ Outtake ] Film from my final photo essay project shoot.
McDonnell Douglas F-15B Eagle McDonnell Douglas F-15B

tattoos of made in 1979

McDonnell Douglas F-15B Eagle 77-0158 32nd TFS USAFE Soesterberg Netherlands International Air Tattoo RAF Greenham Common Berkshire 23 June 1979
Dolphin Over the moon

rodeo tattoos pictures

Over the moon and into the star? I really don't know, but I got the tattoo anyway. photo taken by rena
people i see Truck driver Jim

forties tattoos

Truck driver Jim Molyneaux stops off for a greasy fry-up at a roadside cafe.

Three random tattoo ideas

Fine Art / Graphic images of Lotus Flower (Flowers) by Bahman Farzad on Fine Art Lotus

tattoo design collection

Fine Art Lotus Flower Collection on by Bahman Farzad