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STEVEN GRAY Subject: Ken 40th

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Subject: Ken 40th Anniversary with Kirk's body from Star Trek (no fashionistas body) - Barbie. Work: repainted by Hadi Rouh. Dressed doll
Oliver Jerrold This is a

motorcycle retro tattoos

This is a photo of my friend, Oliver Jerrold. He tattoos, Build motorbikes and live on a farm. Enjoy
Handiedan 'Trois No.3' Mixed media.
Print &

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Mixed media. Print & collage, acrylic paint & pen on old wood
Cover up 3 and a

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3 and a half hours

Three random tattoo ideas

My first tattoo Done in summer

puck tatoo

Done in summer 2000 by Thor at Yonge St. Tattoos. The subject is self explanatory. ;) It's located above my left butt cheek.
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cover-up tribal..