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IMG_0532 yunnan huaya dai

dai tattoos

yunnan huaya dai
Sarah Rice Sarah from Real

reality tv tattoos

Sarah from Real World 21

fleurdelis tribal tattoos
miley cyrus and her new tattoo love never dies

miley tattoos

love never dies
Emma Our special strobist

1950 women tattoos

Our special strobist test pinup edition!! Taken in Hamilton, Ontario. Please feel free to comment!!

Three random tattoo ideas

Irish - Age of Victoria From the Age

tattoo on 23

From the Age of Victoria comes yet another image across a seam between Ages in the Multiverse. ---- Model: Irish Heather Collins Photographyer: c'est moi Photographer's Assistan: Judith Turano ---- [Strobist info: Alien Bees AB800 high over subject, AB1600 shoot thru umbrella camera right, ABR800 shoot thru umbrella camera left]