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142/365 coming ang going on easy terms <i>...fear and sorrow

back of the earl tattoos pictures

...fear and sorrow coalesce now i'm trying to find that quiet place where living is breathing not knowing is understanding coming is going but my heart just beats faster and faster...
DSCN0445 Tucan Sam.

camoflauge tattoos

Tucan Sam.
London Alternative Fashion Week - 101_2971 Blue hair and

catwalk tattoos

Blue hair and tattoos
365x2.205 - ccs pride july 24, 2010

ccs tattoos

july 24, 2010 - today was the day of my school's annual "new family fair". i was already up early to get a haircut, so i headed over to the school from the salon to hang out and take pictures to give sonny for the yearbook. one of the coolest additions to this year's fair were the temporary tattoos sonny had made with our school's mascot logo. of course, i had to get one!
Foo Fighters live @ Rock

dave grohl tattoos pics

live @ Rock in IdRho
GAME  From one of

drawing of angels for tattoos

From one of the books.
half coat Guerilla Photoshoot with

freya tattoos

Guerilla Photoshoot with Chad McClarnon
三社祭 浅草、東京。Sanja Matsuri One of the

full back yakuza tattoos for men

One of the biggest festivals of the year the "three shrine festival" was an amazing expirience. Read more about the festival at my blog. Read more about this day and my life in Japan at (my website) この日と僕の日本での生活をウェブサイトでもっと読んでね☆
Skull Outline 3rd session of

knee skull tattoos

3rd session of the "getting inked" project and 6th session of top haf of my leg overall. The Skull and The Devil Horns (not complete in pic below) The project and the tattoo are both really starting to take shape. (you'd think the kneecap would be the most painful place to get inked, but the upper inner thigh - mere centimetres from the family jewels takes that prize. the knee is still f**king painful though. ) by Inma based in Haunted Tattoo in London and Magnum Opus in Brighton.
USS Intrepid Museum, NY This is the

maxim tattoos

This is the location from where I took the photo for my NIke Air Max 90 "Mean Green"

Three random tattoo ideas

Original Art by Julio Rodriguez

last name rodriguez back tattoo
Hibiscus & Skull Not a typical

tattoo hibiskus

Not a typical wedding cake, but it is! All flowers are handmade from gumpaste. Thanks for looking!