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三社祭 浅草、東京。Sanja Matsuri One of the

photoblog tattoos

One of the biggest festivals of the year the "three shrine festival" was an amazing expirience. Read more about the festival at my blog. Read more about this day and my life in Japan at (my website) この日と僕の日本での生活をウェブサイトでもっと読んでね☆
Lights - Den Haag Den Haag -

sunset and surf tattoos

Den Haag - Summer 2012
Los mismos pintas La ganga anda

sailorsgrave and tattoos

La ganga anda suelta! Salvese quien pueda! --- Special Assignment: Sailor's Grave Sailor's Grave Tattoo Shop & Studio (
swallow tattoo right side on my right

afghanistan his and hers tattoos

on my right side my 2003-2004 afghanistan deployment
Flatiron Building aka Fuller Building This is the

air max tattoos

This is the location from where I took the photo for my Nike Air Max Skyline "Max Orange". The building in the background is the "Flatiron Building aka Fuller building" located on Broadway and 23rd street. This is considered to be the first skyscraper (one of the first buildings to also use a steel skeleton) ever built originally in 1902 and designed by Daniel Burnham. To me, It looks like a triangle expanding down. Pretty cool architecture.
Gabriel skating the shore Gabriel has been

brazillian tattoos

Gabriel has been in Australia for the past two and a half years, but he's going back to Brazil later this year. He came over from Rio de Janeiro to surf and visit his best mate who is now married and settled here. Gabriel tells me he has recently broken up with his 'ex missus' after two and a half years together, but says it's a good thing because it made him realise he has to go back home. The 22 year old's family didn't want him to come out to Australia. He says his family stopped giving him money and things like that because they didn't want him to leave home. Gabriel really loves Australia and describes it as a great country with cool people, good economy and great infrastructure, as well as everything else. He says the main difference between the Gold Coast and Rio is the culture, but he says the weather is pretty much the same. "It's a big, big difference," he says. Gabriel has spent his time in Australia living along the coasts of the Gold Coast.
Tattoo Either an outline

chargers tattoos

Either an outline or one that she is in the process of having removed.

Three random tattoo ideas

Diana e Papai na Fazenda PRatinha Depois de passar

tatuagem de mergulho

Depois de passar boa parte da manhã se divertindo na Pratinha era a hora de conhecer a Gruta Azul, que tem um horário certo pra visitação por causa da incidência dos raios solares.
Tattoo Minha Tatuagem de

tattoos de paisagem

Minha Tatuagem de Henna, devia ficar por 15 dias, mas com 4 dias já sumiu..xD
Ashley8 Model: <b>Ashley Croft</b>

umbrella tatts

Model: Ashley Croft Location: Studio 42, Locust Grove, GA MUA/Stylist: Model's own