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El paraiso!!!! Dilataciones para dar

tatuajes a d

Dilataciones para dar y vender!
IMG_9074 Mujer Vampiro

tatuajes demon

Mujer Vampiro
13ª Convenção Internacional de Tatuagem 13th Tattoos' International

paulo tatuajes

13th Tattoos' International Convention - Brazil Organição: LEDS TATTOO Dias 17 e 18 de Outubro de 2009 Todas as fotos que estão neste site podem ser utilizadas em meios de comunicação. Para fotos em maior resolução (e melhor), por favor, mande-me um e-mail para: mari.janeiro@hotmail.com Obrigada! All photos in this site may be used in the media. For pictures in high resolution (and better), please send me an e-mail to: mari.janeiro @ hotmail.com Thanks! Todas las fotos en este sitio pueden ser utilizados en los medios de comunicación. Para las imágenes en alta resolución (y mejor), por favor envíame un e-mail a: mari.janeiro @ hotmail.com Gracias!
Flores del cerezo - Trabajo en proceso R&R Tatuajes by

tatuajes oriental japones

R&R Tatuajes by Renato C/ Alemania, 61 0034 - 828014095 0034 - 625169034 / 677387766 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria www.renatotatuajes.com
This Is Hell @ Estraperlo Club del Ritme, Badalona 2010 www.myspace.com/thisishell

tatuajes tattoos straight edge

Santa Yupi ** Hollow XMAS Mi colaboración para

gallery tatuajes tattoos

Mi colaboración para la expo Hollow XMAS en Palma de Mallorca. Mi propuesta va en pensar, como seria Santa Claus si perteneciese a un estilo muy concreto o tribu urbana alternatica.
La Barbería Más fotos en:

tatuajes caracas venezuela

Más fotos en: www.fotoruido.com
puros tatuajes - fondo web trabajos para el

sento puros tatuajes

trabajos para el estudio de tatuajes Puros Tatuajes www.purostatuajes.com/ www.myspace.com/sento
 Ph: Icker Barwen

bogota tatuajes

Ph: Icker Barwen Model : Jeison Lora Make Up: Felipe Castro Todos los derechos reservados. No use esta foto sin autorizacion
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Three random tattoo ideas

dogback An englishman at

the name april in tattoos

An englishman at work, 200 metres from my window.
We are love. <i>We are not

failures tattoos

We are not our losses We are only the extent to which we love So build a home for your family And build a castle for your friends Now set their beds with sheets and blankets And keep them safe until the end so i decided that thats the tattoo i’m getting first, on my wrist in script sometime in june. it’s from a song by la dispute called “the castle builders”. i’m my biggest critic in every way, and even more so now that i’m about to go to college, i want to remind myself that even if i fail at something, it wont define me. vonnegut quote/forearm idea will have to wait ~
12/365 Day 12: "The

calves tattoos

Day 12: "The Bride" I'm doing this from most recent, to first. This is my most recent tattoo, I got her in Nov. It's the bride of frankenstein. Yes, this week is going to be the week of Ashley's tattoos :) You can kinda see my "Grandma" tattoo in the background. And my legs look so ginormous, and my left foot looks soooo awkward. haha. but out of the 16 or so shots i too, i liked this one the best.