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R Davis Midi Controls Artist:Rae Davis www.myspace.com/davis5000

tattoos in texas and culture

Artist:Rae Davis www.myspace.com/davis5000 Limelight 5.24.2008 CD Release Party
 Model: Annie
Photo and

black and white texas tattoo

Model: Annie Photo and Post Processing: Me
Firefox temp tatoo at Yahoo afterparty SXSW Interactive Festival/Conference

tatoo of texas

SXSW Interactive Festival/Conference 2007 Austin, Texas March 9-13
Tattoo Convention 2003 Mosaic 1. Head Tattoo

tattoo texas bme

1. Head Tattoo , 2. Back Tattoo , 3. Back Tattoo , 4. Back Tattoo , 5. Chest Tattoos , 6. Chest Tattoo , 7. Stars , 8. Hand / Knuckles Tattoo , 9. Hand Tattoos , 10. Hand / Knuckles Tattoo , 11. Hand Tattoo
Andrés Merrill - Tattoo Artist - Business Card www.myspace.com/tcbtoronto Star of

tattoo texas star

www.myspace.com/tcbtoronto Star of Texas Tattoo Art Revival 2009
People getting into tubes Schlitterbahn Water Park

texas tattoo design

Schlitterbahn Water Park in New Braunfels, Texas.
Star of Texas Tattoo Art Revival 2009 January 9 -

the texas star tattoo

January 9 - 11, 2009 Palmer Events Center www.GOLIVEFAST.com All Ages, Open To The Public, tickets at the door
Henna tattoo First Henna tat

texas state tattoo

First Henna tat
 Model: Annie Photo

white tattoo texas

Model: Annie Photo and Post Processing: Me
Artist Perspective Houston Dr Sketchy,

texas angel tattoo

Houston Dr Sketchy, January session. Model: Jen Avant Garden, Houston.
Tattoo Artist Tony Hundahl at Rock of Ages Rock of Ages

tattoo studio gallery texas usa

Rock of Ages 2310 South Lamar #105 Austin, Texas 78704 512-804-1213 www.rockofagestattoo.com/
Aaron Gets More Color Tattooed in His Arm Aaron drove from

sleeve tattoos designs texas

Aaron drove from Wichita Falls to get tattooed all day long!
Texas<3 Thanks to Chad

tattoos dallas texas gallery

Thanks to Chad at 7th Street!

Three random tattoo ideas

Ashley - TankGirl Got to work

tattoo female model

Got to work with Ashley for the first time and we had a great time. We were playing around with our twist on a female "Mad Max" or "Tank Girl" type of look. Something more edgy, punk, and cool. The cuffs were provided by Cuffs by blue so check them out for some cool custom made accessories. (Thanks to Blue) Great time and fun model. Comments welcome
LiveStrong Tattoo courtesy of

tatoo cancer picture

Tattoo courtesy of Island Tattoo. See map for details.