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Tattoo de uma Ninfa Tatuagem de uma

tigres para tatuagens

Tatuagem de uma ninfa by Jean Paul Zilli www.zillitattoo.com.br www.youtube.com/user/jeanpaulzilli
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Three random tattoo ideas

Live for something tattoo if you don't

font typewriter tattoo

if you don't live for something you'll die for nothing
New Balance 574 "Clips" - "Orange" - 2009 Got these the

japan flowers tattoo designs

Got these the other day. Unfortunately, the Maroons, Blues, and Greens were all sold out in my size. Messed up thing is that this was suppose to come with a Polaroid Photo, specific to each shoe, but mine didn't have it in the box. Guess after all the videos are claimed at 574clips.com, mine will be the only one without a name. Oh well. Chillin' at the "Websters Reading Garden". She does a reading assignment while I take photos. Trying something new with my photos. I've wanting to give my photos a slightly desaturated and fading look, while boosting the blacks and colors again. Think it's working out. BTW, that's the sun in my photo. It's not something I put in there with photoshop. No magical tricks here. Check detailed photos and my article at www.theshoegame.com/articles/new-balance-574-clips-detail... This is becoming a signature photo of mine. The 2nd of this kind. 1st wear. Camera - Nikon DMC ZS3