Tigres - Tattoowise

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Tattoo de uma Ninfa Tatuagem de uma

tigres para tatuagens

Tatuagem de uma ninfa by Jean Paul Zilli www.zillitattoo.com.br www.youtube.com/user/jeanpaulzilli
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Three random tattoo ideas

Twin Mask detail It's not really

bali masken tattoo

It's not really finished. The balinese mask in the middle which is done by a balinese artist years before needs some more perfection in details. Today i made the Twin Mask above and started enhancing the middle mask. You can see what's fresh done and what's old. 7 hours are enough for today ;) www.tattoo-art.de
drew myself a bird. the money i

sparrow tattoos on your foot

the money i payed for this one went to the Museum of Young Art in Syracuse, NY..... pretty cool.