Tigres - Tattoowise

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Tattoo de uma Ninfa Tatuagem de uma

tigres para tatuagens

Tatuagem de uma ninfa by Jean Paul Zilli www.zillitattoo.com.br www.youtube.com/user/jeanpaulzilli
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Three random tattoo ideas

Koi: another three hours I went to


I went to Brussels with eworm to get some work done again on my back piece.This is the result of three hours of work. Tattooing done by Shad: www.tattoobyshad.com/
Tattoo Dragon I was at

backpiece dragon tattoo

I was at a karaoke bar for Jim Sabo's birthday. When this dude realized I was trying to take a picture of his tatt he pulled his tank top off so I could get a better shot. Unfortunately my battery ran down so I couldn't get both tattoos. I think it's important to note that it is Feburary 1st and people are wearing tank tops.