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Final Lipstick and Hair check by Sid Style

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by Sid Style
California_Katy-14 Bikini shooting at

tattoo and titts

Bikini shooting at St. Thomas, USVI

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This is why i am hot
Your Favs 1. <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/85256140@N00/1707261632/">Vector

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1. Vector Art, 2. Fishing, 3. London @ Night, 4. Mirror image, 5. Spot the MINI, 6. Low down wheel in motion, 7. Date of Birth Tattoo, 8. clubman, 9. VW, 10. Escalator, 11. Backed into Corner, 12. Multi Coloured Smoke, 13. The Joey Mod, 14. GT 40, 15. Wheel, 16. GP - Track Day - Fabio, 17. Tree Lights, 18. Traffic Light Flower, 19. nice to meet you, 20. MINI, 21. Modern Living These images are all part of my intrestingness as voted for by you found HERE

Three random tattoo ideas

Late Nights Photo by Pacho:

a picture of some wings tattoo

Photo by Pacho: www.flickr.com/photos/pachitoc/
death rides tonight (young drifter ash

black person tattoo

(young drifter ash - shortened name of a death god, sf, 5/23/06) young homeless drifter ash. he says he was named for an ancient death god or such and goes by ash for short. he grew up as a ward of the state. says his parents were "fuckers." he got the star tattoo on his face when he was 13. says he's a "traveler." has been hopping freight trains for years. he's off to louisiana tonight. but now a moment alone with a cigarette and a bottle. then to party with his friends. then there's a freight train he'll hop in oakland with his crew.