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Final Lipstick and Hair check by Sid Style

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California_Katy-14 Bikini shooting at

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Bikini shooting at St. Thomas, USVI

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This is why i am hot
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1. Vector Art, 2. Fishing, 3. London @ Night, 4. Mirror image, 5. Spot the MINI, 6. Low down wheel in motion, 7. Date of Birth Tattoo, 8. clubman, 9. VW, 10. Escalator, 11. Backed into Corner, 12. Multi Coloured Smoke, 13. The Joey Mod, 14. GT 40, 15. Wheel, 16. GP - Track Day - Fabio, 17. Tree Lights, 18. Traffic Light Flower, 19. nice to meet you, 20. MINI, 21. Modern Living These images are all part of my intrestingness as voted for by you found HERE

Three random tattoo ideas

june 17 2009: 255/365 i went to

hope with dove tattoo

i went to st. peter's mid-week service for the first time this wednesday. sitting behind sophia cannata, i noticed how lovely her tattoo looked with the pews and alter in the background, so after the service i asked her if i could take this picture. i really love st. peter's right now. it felt empty, open, and calm. empty in the good kind of way. empty as in detached from the world and waiting to be filled... filled by something much, much greater. much more beautiful. much more alive