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Final Lipstick and Hair check by Sid Style

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California_Katy-14 Bikini shooting at

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Bikini shooting at St. Thomas, USVI

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This is why i am hot
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1. Vector Art, 2. Fishing, 3. London @ Night, 4. Mirror image, 5. Spot the MINI, 6. Low down wheel in motion, 7. Date of Birth Tattoo, 8. clubman, 9. VW, 10. Escalator, 11. Backed into Corner, 12. Multi Coloured Smoke, 13. The Joey Mod, 14. GT 40, 15. Wheel, 16. GP - Track Day - Fabio, 17. Tree Lights, 18. Traffic Light Flower, 19. nice to meet you, 20. MINI, 21. Modern Living These images are all part of my intrestingness as voted for by you found HERE

Three random tattoo ideas

St. Buckula, Design Sketch So yesterday was

dog tattoo sketch

So yesterday was my birthday. I had the day off of work, and decided I was ready for this tattoo. Jen and my parents contributed to the cost as part of my birthday gift. Theme is "Saint Buckula". Those of you who know me already know that Buck died May 3rd after a long battle with Lymphoma. Through it all, he was so strong, brave, and selfless...seemingly more worried about us than himself. He's as much as Saint as anyone I can think of. This is far and away the most important tattoo I've had thus far, and I trusted it only to Rich Cosgrove from Inka-Dinka-Doo in Lawrenceville. He outdid himself.
Left Arm Tattoo Star of Texas

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Star of Texas Tattoo Art Revival 2004