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Final Lipstick and Hair check by Sid Style

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California_Katy-14 Bikini shooting at

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Bikini shooting at St. Thomas, USVI

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This is why i am hot
Your Favs 1. <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/85256140@N00/1707261632/">Vector

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1. Vector Art, 2. Fishing, 3. London @ Night, 4. Mirror image, 5. Spot the MINI, 6. Low down wheel in motion, 7. Date of Birth Tattoo, 8. clubman, 9. VW, 10. Escalator, 11. Backed into Corner, 12. Multi Coloured Smoke, 13. The Joey Mod, 14. GT 40, 15. Wheel, 16. GP - Track Day - Fabio, 17. Tree Lights, 18. Traffic Light Flower, 19. nice to meet you, 20. MINI, 21. Modern Living These images are all part of my intrestingness as voted for by you found HERE

Three random tattoo ideas

udjat surrounded by uroboros Here we have


Here we have a an uroboros , or serpent swallowing its own tail, inspired by the Zuni version of Quetzalcoatl , Kolowisi , who to them was a protection spirit that protected their most sacred resource: water (streams, rivers, etc.). The uroboros, itself a symbol of the cycle of life, death, and rebirth, surrounds the udjat , or "Eye of Horus," another protective symbol, this time from ancient Egypt. Each of the six distinct segments of the udjat represent a part of the body, mind, or spirit that in Egyptian mystic thought made up the total person. The power of Horus is invoked to protect each of these aspects through the symbol which is also Horus' left eye. This tattoo is directly over my heart on my chest.
London Punks #2 (4/2004) Spotted at Covent

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Spotted at Covent Garden, London while on vacation with me wife. I had to sneak the photo for fear of a beat down. They were quite drunk. The big lad was being heckled by the chaps in the pub above. Right before I took this photo, they were chanting, "YOU FAT BASTARD". Then he pulled down his pants and showed them his bum. Another photo: www.flickr.com/photos/true2death/49928450/ photo: 4/3/2004