Tornozelo - Tattoowise

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Libélula e flor de lótus dragonfly with lotus

tatuagem flor no tornozelo

dragonfly with lotus flower
Morro Dois Irmãos e Pedra da Gávea 1 Anklet with Rio

tatuagem para o tornozelo

Anklet with Rio landscape 1
Dados Dice

gallery tattoo no tornozelo

Laço Bow

tattoo no tornozelo

Morro Dois Irmãos e Pedra da Gávea 2 Anklet with Rio

tattoo tornozelo

Anklet with Rio landscape 2
Flor de lótus Lotus flower

tornozelo tatuagem

Lotus flower
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Three random tattoo ideas

Wife's leg - foot tattoo and cover up Foot tattoo and

tatoo with my wifes name

Foot tattoo and cover up with kids names, dragonfly, and flower.
Senior Portrait: Erick A few more

music note tattoos gallery

A few more photos from my senior portrait session with my cousin Erick in Visalia, CA on May 1, 2010
been down so long paul drawing up

drawing of a sun tattoo

paul drawing up a draft of his tattoo. this is his sixth! once bryce told him he was getting one, paul decided he wanted in and basically sketched this (it's the sun shining on the sea) on his way home from class.