Tornozelo - Tattoowise

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Libélula e flor de lótus dragonfly with lotus

tatuagem flor no tornozelo

dragonfly with lotus flower
Morro Dois Irmãos e Pedra da Gávea 1 Anklet with Rio

tatuagem para o tornozelo

Anklet with Rio landscape 1
Dados Dice

gallery tattoo no tornozelo

Laço Bow

tattoo no tornozelo

Morro Dois Irmãos e Pedra da Gávea 2 Anklet with Rio

tattoo tornozelo

Anklet with Rio landscape 2
Flor de lótus Lotus flower

tornozelo tatuagem

Lotus flower
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Three random tattoo ideas

day240 I'm not friends

tattoo oly

I'm not friends with either of these people, but I thought it was a decent photo for the day.
Steph's Lion I guess this

steph name tattoo

I guess this is Tattoo Week here at my Flickr. This is Steph's tattoo. I probably should've asked her where it came from, or if it means anything. But i forgot. I was full of tasty cheeseburger and and doritos and snackwells and weird sweedish ginger snaps and those fancy shortbread cookies that have chess designs on them. they taste so good when they hit your lips!!! But it's a great tattoo, big, which I think is the way to go these days. Everyone's got one, but not many folks got the cojones to go big. And it's not too colorful, doesn't overwhelm. Simple yet detailed. Good stuff. If you, faithful reader, have a tattoo, and are a hot girl, come to me. Come to Los Angeles, that I may document your awesomeness.