Tornozelo - Tattoowise

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Libélula e flor de lótus dragonfly with lotus

tatuagem flor no tornozelo

dragonfly with lotus flower
Morro Dois Irmãos e Pedra da Gávea 1 Anklet with Rio

tatuagem para o tornozelo

Anklet with Rio landscape 1
Dados Dice

gallery tattoo no tornozelo

Laço Bow

tattoo no tornozelo

Morro Dois Irmãos e Pedra da Gávea 2 Anklet with Rio

tattoo tornozelo

Anklet with Rio landscape 2
Flor de lótus Lotus flower

tornozelo tatuagem

Lotus flower
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Three random tattoo ideas

Introducing; Rashelle Riot!!!!! Hanging with old

word tattoo on hip

Hanging with old cars is cool.
Revy - smoke break Revy can't keep


Revy can't keep from taking a smoke (for me, that's a fake one... but hey, it still looks cool).
Shannon vs. 540 - Pt. 2 Another shot in

infinite tattoo

Another shot in the Shannon vs. 540 series. This time the impending doom is a little more suttle and less imminent, but it's there. Strobist: (split per personality) 5d Mark ii ab 1600 w/bdish left of 540 ab 800 rim on 540 ab 1600 softbox on shannon ab 800 rim on shannon's right