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DeTaiLs Mejor en grande.

tattoo de tortuga

Mejor en grande.
Edward Scissorhands neighborhood in Grand Cayman If you've seen

tattoo gallery tortuga

If you've seen Edward Scissorhands, you know what I mean. If you've never seen it, go and watch it right now and then come back. Go ahead; I'll wait. Go, now!
Tortuga huichola Ocluyendo el tatuaje.

tatuaje tortuga

Ocluyendo el tatuaje. Se usaron 10 colores! Enero 2012
Cayman Crab Line-up Okay you guys,


Okay you guys, up against the wall, see?
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Three random tattoo ideas

burger campestre! La Mercè 12',

tatuagens fotos country

La Mercè 12', Bcn Pic by Eduard Rojas * film / view on black
Reaper Reborn The Old Reaper

death gothic tattoo

The Old Reaper is all old and busted. THIS is the New Hotness.
04.05.08 day 51 I like backs.

bare back tattoos

I like backs. you can see my rune tattoo. I carry my scandinavian and asian heritage proudly. The 8 different runes stands for Protection fertility gift growth victory happiness possesions warrior I really love this tattoo. I got it 8 years ago.