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DeTaiLs Mejor en grande.

tattoo de tortuga

Mejor en grande.
Edward Scissorhands neighborhood in Grand Cayman If you've seen

tattoo gallery tortuga

If you've seen Edward Scissorhands, you know what I mean. If you've never seen it, go and watch it right now and then come back. Go ahead; I'll wait. Go, now!
Tortuga huichola Ocluyendo el tatuaje.

tatuaje tortuga

Ocluyendo el tatuaje. Se usaron 10 colores! Enero 2012
Cayman Crab Line-up Okay you guys,


Okay you guys, up against the wall, see?

Three random tattoo ideas

100_1453 stone carved tattoos,

tattoo hard life

stone carved tattoos, hard life at Havocs world famous ink emporium.
D.S Clothing / Tattoos Henry Chavarria
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girly tattoo on la ink

Henry Chavarria
tsubaki with bird,freehand by gakkin free hand work

bird tattoos chicago

free hand work by Gakkin,kyoto. work in brighton if you are interested in my works ,e-mail me. 京都、関西での刺青、tattooのご予約、ご質問は こちらまで!