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Little Hurricane @ Tractor Tavern CC Spina of

tattoo of a tractor

CC Spina of Little Hurricane performs on February 20, 2012 at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle, Washington
Little Hurricane @ Tractor Tavern CC Spina of

tatoo of a tractor

CC Spina of Little Hurricane performs on February 20, 2012 at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle, Washington
bret smeed Bretton Smeed

tattoo tractor

Bretton Smeed
sylvia osborne Sylvia Osborne

tractor tattoo picture

Sylvia Osborne
IMG_4320bw Rip101.Com

tractor tattoo

Tractor Accident (2) Pretty little hood

tractor tattoo gallery

Pretty little hood ornament. I like the evil look on GG's face. As if she happily ran over CC.
flash Etienne Laine

tractor tattoo flash

Etienne Laine
DarylOctFieldWEB Pretty sure my

tattoos of a tractor

Pretty sure my buddy Daryl is tryin to look barrel chested and buff here in this pic. Pull your pants up, you bony ass runt, aint nobody wants ta see that.

Three random tattoo ideas

Our Sky is Falling - Ashton [Explored #303] I was recently

fire and water tattoo band

I was recently contacted by the band to do some promos for the release of their upcoming album, "Tales From Distant Shores". We threw a couple of ideas around, and this is what we came up with! Our Sky is Falling Facebook Page ----------------------------- Canon 5D classic 50mm 1.4USM w/fader ND filter f/2 1/200 ISO50 Strobist info: WL10K @ 1/2 power, directly above subject Sun directly behind for rim light Portfolio | Facebook | Blog
Julia - Candy I couldn't be

lollipop tattoo flash

I couldn't be happier that One of my best friends in the world Julia moved back to LA from San Diego. I always enjoy her company wither it be doing a photoshoot or just going on an adventure. Having her back gives me a lot of options for my project since she's is always game to shoot and she really wants my project to succeed. We had made a plan for a small photoshoot today after work at her new place. I really didn't have any ideas for the shoot so I left it up to her. When i arrived at her place she pitched this idea to me and I was all in since it sounded cute. I was hopping to get one good shot but every time I shoot this amazing girl it's almost a guarantee I'm going to be editing tons of pictures from the set. Strobist: sb-800 in a foldable softbox 1/2 power on the left of the camera. sb-600 on the right of the camera 1/2 power in a bounce back umbrella. 2 sb-600 behind with light blue gel 1/4 power. triggered by nikon cls
tattoo 31 Another Korean youngman's

zodiac tribal tattoo

Another Korean youngman's tattoo tattooed Feb,12,2008 by Peter Jung 144 fulton st. New York, New York 10038 (917)364-8133