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siberuttitiproject_432 I miss my

traditional island tattoo

I miss my siripok...Aman Sogagi Kerei and Aman Alangi Kuneu
Wat Bang Phra, Thailand

traditional monk tattoo
Chin village in Arakan state, Myanmar 3D photo (anaglyph) 3D photo taken

burma traditional tattoos

3D photo taken in Myanmar (Burma) in 2011.
Irish Tattoo Scene More portraits from

traditional tattoos in ireland

More portraits from Tattoo Convention on our blog. Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | 365 Blog
sikerei family4 The Shamans of

traditional tattoo indonesia

The Shamans of Siberut - Mentawai


tattoo traditional brazil

EDGE TATTOO ESTÚDIO Obrigado pelo apoio dos meus Amigos, clientes e as pessoas que gostam do meu trabalho, e obrigado pelos comentários também! Te amo Me"Nynna" linda! _____________________ Avenida dos Andradas 2287, sala 1305, Floresta, esquina com Contorno, ponto de referência Frigorífico Perrella... E fica a dois quarteirões do Boulevard Shopping HORÁRIO DE FUNCIONAMENTO TERÇA A SEXTA DE 10H AS 20H. SÁBADO DE 10H AS 17H. AGENDAMENTOS POR TELEFONE (31) 2531-2809 • ADD LÁ FACE BOOK • PARA CURTIR • PERFIL II DO ORKUT • COMUNIDADES DO ORKUT • ORKUT • FOTOLOG • MY SPACE • FLICKR
Rock 'n' Roll / Rockabilly inspired custom design painted on a leather jacket This was a

nautical traditional tattoos

This was a custom design with the client providing the yin yang design and asking for it to be included in a rockabilly / rock'n'roll / Lucky 13 style design. Hence the ace of spades, cobwebs, nautical stars and hot rod flames. see more at
Custom tattooing by Kirk Nilsen - Crown&Anchor - NJ Custom tattooing by

traditional tattoo crown

Custom tattooing by Kirk Edward Nilsen II Crown&Anchor Tattoo Parlor 626 Ocean Road (Rt 88) Unit 1 Point Pleasant, NJ 08742 732-295-1654 @kirknilsentattoos on instagram

Three random tattoo ideas

jeremy_binns_brandi_lx last one, i

tattoo gallery daughter

last one, i promise. If you read about the last one, you know why she almost has a smile on this one. tech info: large soft box in front, beauty dish above and to camera right, medium soft box behind and to the camera left
Black Vomit Nate Young of

tattoo wolf eyes

Nate Young of Wolf Eyes at Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow, Sunday 22nd April 2007. It was as an intense experience as I'd hoped - dark, menacing, ferociously loud and utterly unrelenting - standing right up at the front, with a fist-pumping screaming crowd around me, it did feel scary at times somehow... wonderful.