Tree - Tattoowise

you'll always be my thunder rainy day 


rain tree tattoo

rainy day view on black
homecoming2 A short comic

tree tattoo scene

A short comic that I made for the soon-to-be-released anthology Concrete Swamp.
94: "Bamboo" Bamboo between me

bamboo tree back tattoo

Bamboo between me and the sky. 94/365
IMG_2299 Tattoo by

color tree sleeve tattoos Tattoo by Scott Bruns at Coastline Tattoo in Provincetown on Cape Cod (508) 487-2012
shadow2 unfineshed sketch.

creative tattoo tree

unfineshed sketch.
Katie Was Here  Central Park, NYC

graffiti tree tattoo

Central Park, NYC 03/29/12

Three random tattoo ideas

365 Days - Day 127 As requested, someone

tattoo only ganesha

As requested, someone inquired about the tattoos that I sport on my inner wrists. Here you go... in the flesh! My left inner wrist is where the Apple logo tattoo calls home and the right inner wrist is reserved for a Ganesha. For those of you who are sad and down because you didn't get to see my mug, don't worry there is always tomorrow. Got ink?
STINKFISH Preparation for 'Snub-Nose'

flyers tattoos

Preparation for 'Snub-Nose' Prints