Tree - Tattoowise

Behind. Strobist: 1 x

male tree tattoo

Strobist: 1 x SB-28 into brolly box @1/4 camera right
Come here!) Model: Alexandra Dzherelievskaya

tattoo pretty tree

Model: Alexandra Dzherelievskaya
Mr. Winter the tree looked

tattoo ornament tree

the tree looked so lonely. i felt like it was my duty to fix it.
Vane Model: Vanesa Cabaleiro

amazing tree tattoo

Model: Vanesa Cabaleiro Location:Eden
T-Tattoo-Session8-2011-03-18-b T's Tattoo Session

back piece tree tattoo

T's Tattoo Session #8
IMG_2007 original artwork and

tree outline

original artwork and tattoo by Scott Bruns
Tattoo Just another view,

tree tattoo brown

Just another view, still twisted.
Cherry blossom & Hass text My cherry blossom

cherryblossom tree tattoos

My cherry blossom is a cover up of a horrible thing I got at about 16 (why???!) so that's why the flowers are clustered so closely to the trunk, but I love it, and think the artist did a great job

Three random tattoo ideas

Tristan of Theatrefall enjoying

tattoo for skinny people

of Theatrefall enjoying the sun - wearing the same clothes for the entire weekend. How cool is that tattoo?