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Edinburgh Castle A picture of

tree wall tattoo

A picture of Edinburgh Castle in the snow, taken from the top of the Scott Monument in Edinburgh. Website | Facebook | Twitter
Esmeralda [06] The main source

tree with ground tattoo

The main source of the emerald production is generated by big mine companies. They hire a minor part of guaqueros to work in subterranean pits using industrial technology. [Muzo, Colombia] ©
TTV Allee My best friend,

umbrella tree tattoo

My best friend, Allee, soaking in some rays from our vacation in the Outer Banks, NC.
2/365 [I miss climbing trees] I felt a

vintage tree tattoo

I felt a little under the weather today due to some bad food. This was the only thing i could come up with...i was really tired.
IMG_2001 original artwork and

tattoo of tree outline

original artwork and tattoo by Scott Bruns
IMG_2561 <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

tree with birds sleeve tattoo Tattoo by Scott Bruns at Coastline Tattoo in Provincetown on Cape Cod (508) 487-2012
2nd to last sleeve sitting finished All that is

arm sleeve tattoo tree

All that is left to do is the background shading, which will be done Jan. 31st!
durgatattoo_scotty Dayak Punan style

tree tato

Dayak Punan style of Hornbill Bird Tattoo
Jungle I Model: Johanna *

tree and water tattoos

Model: Johanna * Photo & Editing: Me

Three random tattoo ideas