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Yan Seow's Tattoos on Tri Aviva Ironman 70.3


Aviva Ironman 70.3 Singapore 2008
My first tattoo. My first tattoo.

triathlon ironman tattoo

My first tattoo. I decided to get one for completing a half-ironman (70.3). I am now training for a full one and plan to fill in the 70.3 portion once completed.
... ...hai trasformato pianure

triathlon tatoo

...hai trasformato pianure in salite devastanti, ora tornerò a sognare coi miei occhi scintillanti... Triathlon Cristinà Dona & Samuel © All rights reserved. Use without permission is illegal.
LIT small Small mark for

triathlon tattoo art

Small mark for hats, visors, T-shirt pockets
Anna Kournikova at the Nautica South Beach Triathlon 2009 You can even

triathlon tattoo gallery

You can even see the tattoo she has in her back. Too bad I haven't seen Enrique Iglesias there. ;-)

Three random tattoo ideas

Chris Her Flickr page

girl with tatoos

Her Flickr page : °°Chris°° #1 in Explore on Jan 25, 2007. Thank you all.
Russian Criminal Tattoo exhibition at Fuel Set of 18

tattoo playing cards

Set of 18 bookmarks made from Russian prisoners playing cards. "This unique archive documents Russian criminals' tattoos and their coded meanings. Included in the collection are more than three thousand tattoo drawings made by Danzig Baldaev during his time as a prison guard between 1948 and 1986" Runs from 30 October to 28 November 2010 If you want to see more exhibitions in and around London i've recently frequented, head over to my blog at
Reforma Tubarão Bob Queiroz Brazilian

fundo para tattoo oriental

Bob Queiroz Brazilian Tattoo Artist São Paulo - Brazil - 55 11 3813-7239