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Mundo Zen Tribal Wear Apresentando nossa linha

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Apresentando nossa linha de moletons... Todos confeccionados em moleton PA, de alta qualidade, com estampas em serigrafia de alta qualidade com 3 camadas de tintas por estampa. Enviamos para todo o brasil. Femininos R$90,00 Masculinos sem capuz R$90,00 Masculinos com capuz R$95,00 O frete varia de acordo com a regiao, basta enviar o seu cep que calculamos o valor via sedex ou encomenda normal. Qualquer duvida eh soh perguntar. Atenciosamente, Marcelo Garcia. Mundo Zen - Tribal Wear

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miro tattoo By Gene Coffey

brooklyn tribal tattoos

By Gene Coffey at Tattoo Culture
I Am Afar Taken with a

muslim tribal tattoo

Taken with a Leica Digital M9 with 50mm Summilux ASPH. Processed in LightRoom 4, Adobe CS5 and Nik Suite of Plug-Ins.
powerspoonz @ dutdutan X 2 the concert an

tattoo models tribal

the concert an added attraction during dutdutan X
phoenix_tribal_026_wip1 Still not sure

phoenix bird art tribal

Still not sure what I'm going to do in the wings.
best tattoo training in chennai 9884211116  (689) 
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ID:George Geotattoos

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G.George Cell:9884211116 Tel:04426471116 Face Booke ID:George Geotattoos GeoTattoos No:1First floor central street Kilpauk garden, (Near Hotel Krishna bavan) Any Tattoo cost starting Rs.500

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Ouroboros5 Starting your life

dragon ouroboros tattoo

Starting your life over at thirty-something was never on my to do list, looking for inspiration I turn to this ancient symbol, a serpent swallowing its own tail forming a circle, represents many things from cyclicality, unity, infinity to self-reflexivity. To be honest with you to me, its simply a rather fancy symbol that says sh*t happens, have a big heart and move on with your life, and the moment came when I was watching my puppy moving in circle motions attempting to devour her own tail, surely ouroboros tattoo is way better than a tattoo of my puppy chasing her own tail ;) I'm very pleased with the tattoo, the tatttoo artist is one of the best in the business, it sure worth the pain (yes, tattoo on your tender chest is painful), pretty penny and sure worth the wait to get the appointment for this tattoo; unfortunately my pics does not do a justice capturing it.
Vittoria I want to

is there a tattoo for karma

I want to thank Vittoria for posing ;) she's a great tattoo artist!