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.:XWD - Maori III - Full body:. --GENERAL INFORMATIONS:
Full Body

unisex tribal tattoos

--GENERAL INFORMATIONS: Full Body Tattoo, 3 different tones (Light, Medium & Dark). The tattoo is in Maory decorative style (Kirituhi). The difference between the moko and the kirituhi is the exclusiveness of the first one. In other words, the moko was drawn only specifically by the maori for the maori, and the tattoo symbolized important events in the life of the maori person that was tattooed, while the use of the kirituhi has no limitations. Calling our tattos Moko I think could be an offense for Maori people. However here are some meanings that various cultures assign to some animals or symbols that you can find in the tattoos. • Axe, Labrys: warrior, fighter • Birds: freedom and communication to the gods • Borneo rose, Borneo scorpion: valiance, courage • Butterfly: soul, transformation • Cat: change, adaptability • Circle, Disc: circle of life; unity, origins • Dolphin: harmony, friendship; protection • Dragonfly: magic, transformation • Fire: change • Hammerhead shark: strength, power, determination • Koru (unfolding fern frond): regrowth, new beginning • Lion: courage, royalty • Lizard: good luck, life • Lotus flower: perfection, overcoming all adversities • Manta ray: wisdom, elegance, freedom • Moon: femininity, fertility • Phoenix: immortality, eternity, renovation • Rose: perfection, love • Shark: adaptability, resistence • Shell: love, intimacy and protection • Sun: eternity, life, joy • Swallow: freedom, good news, protection • Tiki: fertility, protection • Triskell: eternity and unity, life, death • Turtle: guide, family, navigator • Twist: strong bond, eternal love • Waves, water: continuity through change, life • Whale: family, protection • Wolf: loyalty Tattoo is tintable, so you can choose your favourite colour and change it when you want. --PERMISSIONS: Modify YES Copy YES Transfer NO --AVAILABLE LAYERS: Undershirt Shirt Jacket Underpants Tattoo Taxi: XWD studio mainstore
tattooed surfboards trois de mes

tribal surf tattoo

trois de mes planches "tatouées", de gauche à droite, 6'4'' Zaka, 6'5'' Victory (planche d'usine sur laquelle j'ai débuté) et 5'10'' square tail Airboard( Hervé, Plougoulm, Finistère Nord) (multi concaves, vee, gros rocker, etc.) ma dernière acquistion pour les vagues creuses et tubulaires... 06.04.06
Asia - Philippines / Luzon - Lang-ay festival Lang-ay festival a

kalinga tribal tattoo

Lang-ay festival a yearly cultural event held in the capital town of Bontoc which highlights the province rich cultural diversity and multi-ethnic groups as they gather and showcase their dances,fashion and cultural diversity
element tattoo supplies tattoo machines Chrome Tribal 200-Series

tattoo tribal shading

Chrome Tribal 200-Series Tattoo Machine is ideal for apprentice or experienced artist. Assembled with standard tattoo machine parts that can easily be replace at no hassle. Weights around 6-7 oz making your tattoo experience smooth and painless. Quick to tune as liner or shader Find Here
It can't rain everyday Me encanta el

tribal espalda

Me encanta el olor de un libro que es tan tan viejo que tiene hojas duras. Me hace reír con más ganas que nunca la risa de un niño pequeño, con tantas ganas y sin contención... Me da muuuuuuuucha vergüenza cantar delante de alguien, pero me encanta hacerlo cuando estoy sola y no me oye nadie. Me relaja asomarme a la ventana a mirar estrellas y, simplemente, respirar, cuando me despierto a media noche. Notar cómo el frío eriza mi piel me hace sentir viva. Me esfuerzo por marcar un poco más todos los días esas arrugas que empiezan a salir a los lados de mi boca. Me desespera oír gemir a un perro (en general, a cualquier animal). Me gusta echarme las cartas a mí misma, y creerme sólo lo bueno :) Me encantan los días en los que te levantas contenta sin motivos! Sonrío si acaricio las orejas de Amarok o de Zoe con la nariz :) Son tan suaves...! Me asombra que esas arañas que son muy, muy pequeñas, sean capaces de correr taaan rápido! Nunca dejan de sorprenderme los
Tribal Raven Tattoo! ...yeah he's getting

tribal raven tattoo

...yeah he's getting ink done...
Rock'D Precious Jaydee on

tribal art of philippines

Precious Jaydee on Rock'd
E.T. Minolta X-9/Kodak Gold

tribal color sleeve with tattoos

Minolta X-9/Kodak Gold 200
Having a drink with Apatani women in India stereoview Apatani culture around

3d tribal tattoos

Apatani culture around Ziro (Hong), Arunachal Pradesh. Apatani women have very original nose plugs. The drink was Apong. Traditional Apatani rice whine.
best tattoo training in chennai 9884211116  (701) 
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G.George Cell:9884211116 Tel:04426471116 Face Booke ID:George Geotattoos GeoTattoos No:1First floor central street Kilpauk garden, (Near Hotel Krishna bavan) Any Tattoo cost starting Rs.500
Simatalu Titi Gagai Tattoo session for

ancient tribal tattooing

Tattoo session for "Titi Gagai" (Mentawai tattoo motive on the hand & fingers for male & female) style of the Simatalu region-Siberut island-Mentawai. About 5 or 5 1/2 hours (without counting 3 times of break & without counting the freehand sketch drawing). Durga Tattoo - 9th August 2012.
turtle i told nick

ankle tribal

i told nick i wanted a tribal turtle. this is what he came up with in about 2 min. perfect.
Day 156 / 365 - May 29, 2010 "Loooooong Day, But

arm sleeve tribal

"Loooooong Day, But A Good One." I had to go to work early today to do trays for parties at the other store. Then it was time to focus on the event at our location. A plated dinner. Plated dinners for parties haven't alwats worked so well for us. This is primarily because they had a way of doing things and tended to not want to change. Can you say chaotic? So, I put the proverbial foot down and said this time we were doing it my way. After all, I do have large scale banquet experience, having plated as many as 550 meals at one time, and producing buffets for up to 805 people. So I had it planned out perfectly, even though the sales person sold eight different entrees to 67 people. In 16 minutes, it was all over. I left a happy man. Tomorrow I will not be quite so happy as I have to work a double shift again. But my new day guy is doing very well, and much more productive than the one I had before, and my former night shift manager, who left for greener pastu
Dan From my first

bodybuilder tribal tattoos

From my first ever solo shoot with a model. Taken in Leeds. Model : Dan Gilbank (
New Ink pt. 1 Tribal bull on

bull tribal

Tribal bull on my right calf. Supposed to be similar to the Raging Bull sculpture in lower manhatten.
Mentawai Saliou Another version of

calf tattos tribal

Another version of Mentawai Saliou. the tattoo motive for male's or female's leg. Made with traditional Mentawai tattoo instrument. No tattoo machine. Freehand tattoo design.

Three random tattoo ideas

~Sun~ Girl from a

tattoos on people side

Girl from a Falata Gamba tribe. She has small tribal marks ("shluh" )in the shape of sun. This means-she is from Falata Gamba tribe.. Taken in Eastern Sudan,close to Ethiopia.
Suraya Smilin' What a cute

burn face tattoo

What a cute niece I have. Show awhile back. No PP here.