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El discurso del Rey Viviana Bovino, Actriz.

imagen de tribal

Viviana Bovino, Actriz. Pentax. Film: 35mm color 200asa
Kuthia Kondh lady The Kuthia Kondh

india tribal tatuagem

The Kuthia Kondh ladies have extensive tatoes on their faces, together with lots of jewelry in the ears.
celtic tribal skull tattoo celtic tribal skull

irish tribal tattoos

celtic tribal skull tattoo by dublin ireland tattoo artist 'Pluto' ...for my friend
siberut 3 Making the arrows

island tribal tat

Making the arrows and the deadly poison (also deadly for humans) before the hunt. A very skilful task. The daily routine of the Mentawai- tribe living on the island of Siberut long before the BBC arrived here for the series Tribal wifes.
Medicine Men, Sipiliigi & Amantalejat Sipiliigi & Amantalejat,

island tribal tatoos

Sipiliigi & Amantalejat, Father & son, welcomed us to thier home. The red loin cloths indicate that they are medicine men, as well as markings in thier tattoos. Originals shot with a Nikon FG in 1992.
I am Primitive: Adornment 2009 Latex acrylic

jesus tribal tattoo

2009 Latex acrylic on canvas 21 in x 28 in In vain, I focus on external changes of appearance, while Christ focuses on internal changes of the heart.
Crossed Guitars & Tribal Artwork: Zazzle T-Shirt Buy this T-Shirt

ladies tribal tattoo

Buy this T-Shirt at! Visit the Spirit Switchboard Gallery at Zazzle! Tags:
whale tattoo By Gene Coffey

lettering tribal tattoo

By Gene Coffey at Tattoo Culture
OoO Viviana Bovino, Actriz.

light tribal tattoos

Viviana Bovino, Actriz. Pentax. Film: 35mm color 200asa
Maori sleeve tattoo 2nd sitting Line work 90%

maori tribal arm tattoo

Line work 90% done now for some shading!

moroccan tribal tattoo
Myan Carving The Original

myan tribal

The Original
Tattoo scorpion tribal Photo iPhone 4s

scorpion tribal com

Photo iPhone 4s
My hairy tattoo :) View On Black

stone tribal tattoos

View On Black It is designed and tattoed by Jannicke Wiese-Hansen who also has tattoed Tommy Lee ( Pamela Andersons ex ) :)

Three random tattoo ideas

Full Sleeve Koi Tatto This is take

koi arm chest

This is take a day after my first session on my full-sleeve japanese koi tattoo. Design and tattoo by Megu, Innervision Sydney. Sorry for the bad quality, Will add better pictures once the tattoo is done and healed.
15/365- Dove Woah February. Sup?

dove on back tattoos

Woah February. Sup? I love this tattoo a lot. I always have liked doves. It's my thing I really like vintage-y coloring too this photo sums me up well.