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tribal cover up

Heaven's Tattoo
Overfiend Live @ The Globe Overfiend live at

tribal design guitar tattoo

Overfiend live at The Globe - 05.06.09
197 Tattoo flash - Dragon/tribal tattoo design

tribal dragon design

Dragon/tribal tattoo design by:
tribal dragon tattoo a nice way

tribal dragon tattoos

a nice way to start the year... get inked!! the design was not mine. i just added a few swirls and modified a little bit the flow of the linework. thanks to teemunkle of deviantart for the wonderful design. see his amazing works here..
Tribal butterfly fairy wings  I love tribal

tribal fairy wings

I love tribal tattoos and designs and decided to add some to wings, these were the result and I am looking foward to making many more sets with tribal themes!
Molly Brenner and the Black Widow Tattoo or Body

tribal female body

Tattoo or Body Paint? A lot of people have thought this to be a real tattoo. Molly was curious to see what she would look like with something extravagant and I wanted to do a bit of a different approach on the whole pinup theme. This is what we came up with. After a few hours of freehand painting the design it was complete and we did the shoot. The only regret I have is that at the time, I did not have the camera that I do now. I can say that Molly Brenner is a fantastic and beautiful model. If you are a photographer and serious about your work. I suggest you check out her website This is definitely one of my favorite pinup sets of my career.


tribal flores costas

EDGE TATTOO ESTÚDIO Obrigado pelo apoio dos meus Amigos, clientes e as pessoas que gostam do meu trabalho, e obrigado pelos comentarios também! Te amo Me"Nynna" linda! _____________________ Avenida dos Andradas 2287, sala 1305, Floresta, esquina com Contorno, ponto de referência Frigorífico Perrella... E fica a dois quarteirões do Boulevard Shopping HORÁRIO DE FUNCIONAMENTO TERÇA A SEXTA DE 10H AS 20H. SÁBADO DE 10H AS 17H. AGENDAMENTOS POR TELEFONE (31) 2531-2809 • ADD LÁ FACE BOOK • PARA CURTIR • PERFIL II DO ORKUT • COMUNIDADES DO ORKUT • ORKUT • FOTOLOG • MY SPACE • FLICKR
scorpion tattoo

tribal girly tattoo
Crossed Guitars & Tribal Artwork: Zazzle Stamp Buy this Stamp

tribal guitar artwork

Buy this Stamp at! Visit the Spirit Switchboard Gallery at Zazzle! Tags:
Overfiend Live @ The Globe Overfiend live at

tribal guitar tattoo

Overfiend live at The Globe - 05.06.09
airbrush tattoos Frank Fonseca Family

tribal heart tattoos for girls

Frank Fonseca Family Fun Airbrush Tattoos 707-373-1863
After Head Tribal And here is

tribal infinity tattoo

And here is what it looked like after I fixed it up for him.

Three random tattoo ideas

Lettering tattoo Custom design of

stardust tattoos

Custom design of "We are all Stars in our own right" Miguel Angel Professional Tattoo Artist 26 High St. Ealing London United Kingdom 00 44 7501 845 139 (Movil) 00 44 20 8840 7717 (Studio)
N's New Tattoo Done by Jers

tattoo text love

Done by Jers at Saint Sabrinas