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Tribal Butterfly 3 the tattoo I

tribal shoulder butterfly

the tattoo I got on saturday Nov 11 at Krystal Blade Studios in Moncton
Custom Dayak Kayan tribe Rejang Custom Dayak Kayan

tribal spiral tattoo

Custom Dayak Kayan tribe "Rejang" motive. Inspired from original Dayak Kayan "Rejang" tattoo. Freehand Design. Made with traditional Dayak hand-tapping instruments. No Tattoo machines.
tatoo truth this is a

tribal sun art tattoo

this is a sign on the wall at the tattoo shop
Stamp: Guitar & Fireball: Zazzle Buy this Stamp

tribal sunburst tattoo

Buy this Stamp at! Visit the Spirit Switchboard Gallery at Zazzle! Tags: guitar electric fender gibson rickenbacker epiphone music musical instrument instruments guitars musician les paul stratocaster sg double neck doubleneck 12 string 6 4 four twelve six telecaster custom customize it customizable poster sunburst zazzle product products tribal tattoo artwork 3d model stamp stamps postage book
siberut 6 Posing for a

tribal tats island

Posing for a photo. This man is to become the leader of the pack an odd twenty years later. The daily routine of the Mentawai- tribe living on the island of Siberut long before the BBC arrived here for the series Tribal wifes.
Maori shoulder tattoo 2 Another Maori shoulder

tribal tats shoulder

Another Maori shoulder design, symmetrical, drawn with pencil and traced with black marker on A3 paper. All designs are available at Check my personal tattoo blog here
100_1357 Serginho Tattoo -

tribal tattoes

Serginho Tattoo - Mogi das Cruzes - SP - Brasil
Yimchunger tribe hornbill festival, nagaland,

tribal tattoo 2009

hornbill festival, nagaland, 2009
Dragon By Buzz Wood - My Father My Dad drew

tribal tattoo dragons

My Dad drew this with oil pastel sticks and a ball-point pen. Just look at the work and see your own interpretation of the work that will always be unique and set apart from anything else that will and ever has existed.

tribal tattoo for arms

Swirly Leaves Just look at

tribal tattoo gallery images

Just look at the work and see your own interpretation of the work that will always be unique and set apart from anything else that will and ever has existed.
Tribal Heart For custom art

tribal tattoo hearts

For custom art and prints contact me: Join my Fanpage on Facebook for more updates:
prayer hands Bob Queiroz Brazilian

tribal tattoo jesus

Bob Queiroz Brazilian Tattoo Artist São Paulo - Brazil - 55 11 3813-7239
Never look behind.. Il ricordo è

tribal tattoo nice

Il ricordo è la Ragion D'Essere.
scan000389 first stencil/spray paint

tribal tattoo stencil

first stencil/spray paint loosely stolen from a tattoo
Day 79a / 365 - March 12, 2010 "Requires A LOT

tribal tattoos and sleeves

"Requires A LOT Of Assembly" I got home from work today and there was this large box from Target inside my apartment. I just love living here! Not only does the office sign for packages, but since it was so large, they left the UPS man come up and deliver it right inside my place! At 110 pounds, I would have have a fun time dragging this from the office up to the 11th floor myself! A very large box filled with 110 pounds of parts.

Three random tattoo ideas

New Tattoo My latest tattoo

infinity tattoo gallery

My latest tattoo (#6)... It started with this little idea to do a tattoo for my twin boys. I have a sun tattoo right below this one that I got when I was struggling with infertility so I knew I wanted stars to go along with the sun and plus my boys are my little stars. From that idea Brian at Love Hate turned it into something so absolutely perfect for me. This is the infinity symbol (the number 8). Each star represents one of my boys, the blue star is for Johnny (he usually wears blue and he is left handed---hence he is on the left side...Dominic is the right star...born second, always in get the picture! I just love it and I feel in a way that this represents coming in full circle. Thanks Brian! Another interesting thing about favorite book is The Eight by Katherine Neville...if you've ever read the book then you understand the symbol... From Wikipedia... Infinity
Cooling off It was 116°

both feet sleeve tattoo

It was 116° in Vegas!! Ever been in that kind of heat? It's pretty smothering!! But I gotta tell ya .... I'll take 116° in Vegas over 96° & 98% humidity in Houston any day!! The Vegas saying "but it's a dry heat" has some validity to it! This is Kellie cooling off in a cool-looking water fountain wall we discovered along the strip. The water was so felt so good!
Dirk "The Pixeleye" Behlau - The Hot Rod Shooting / Making-of Still shot from

hot rod tattoos fotos

Still shot from Flake & Flames teaser - The Kustom Kulture Adventure Film, Check out the teasers at: