Tribal - Tattoowise

tat v3.2 about 2/3 done

arm and chest tribal tattos

about 2/3 done now
Cool shoulder tattoo Not mine but

arm chest shoulder tribal tattoo

Not mine but I think this is a cool tattoo
me took this picture

arm shoulder tribal

took this picture in the mirror under less than optimal lighting conditions...
Tatoo Self portrait, fake

arm tatoo tribal

Self portrait, fake tatoo, by my sister Chäm.
PT061736 A three lions

arm tribal tattoo design

A three lions tatoo on an English fans arm. Photographed in Stuttgart after Englands 1-0 win over Equador in the World Cup second round match, 25th June 2006.
Tribal armband trying to look

armband tattoo tribal thick

trying to look tough
funky celtic tribal arm band tattoo very differt and

armband tribal

very differt and unusual styling for a tribal celtic armband tattoo, by dublin ireland tattoo artist 'Pluto'
Tribal! Armband! Tribal! Armband! Having become obsessed

armband tribal tattoo

Having become obsessed with the Milwaukee Brewers this year, my son watches most of the games. There is a Miller Lite commercial where some guys chant all sorts of stuff their friend is doing. One of them is getting a tribal armband tattoo, so we found a temporary one for him to sport. Taken with my anniversary present from my wife: an EF 50mm f 1.2L. Still getting used to it, but I love being able to go past f/4.
Aztec Tribal One of the

aztec tattoo tribal

One of the five package illustrations I did for Adina Beverages energy drink line. I didn't do the package design I was just hired to create the tribal face artwork.

back of shoulders tribal tattoos

rose and vines foot tattoo Tattooed by Johnny

back tribal vine tattoos

Tattooed by Johnny at; The Tattoo Studio 5 The high street Crayford Kent DA1 4HH
Tribal Wings and Crossed Fingers Tattoo Back tattoo consisting

back tribal wings

Back tattoo consisting of crossed index fingers, wings, and tribal detail
#352-365 - Tribal Fake So close

backpiece tribal

Fake So close yet so far. Will this 365 ever end? Feeling somewhat flat today, as I've been trying to do my much needed business plan, and it's sapping my will to live if I'm honest. I don't feel like I've made any progress, and if anything it's not having the desired effect of clarifying my vision for the business. I feel more overwhelmed and confused than when I started. To top it all, I've inadvertently disfigured my Danbo. Poor little bugger only got one pic taken before I've turned him into John Merrick. Seems the plastic he's made from has a VERY low melting point.
Gauge That's his name.

behind the ear tribal tattoos

That's his name. At Body Mark's tattoo shop in North Park
1/2 of The Best Ever Crew Just a taster

best tribal tatoo

Just a taster of more to come tomorrow. See more of their work here and here

Three random tattoo ideas

Bit more done looks like I

birds on hip tattoo

looks like I am getting a little bit of a belly in this photo :(
falling bird 02 My brother had

stitches tattoo

My brother had a tumor removed from he chest. The doctor was kind enough to work the cut line into his tattoo the best he could. More pictures to come as I process them.
hair after back After I got

love peace music tattoo

After I got my hair cut on May 1, 2008. I donated my hair to Locks of Love