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Gada Veil In the Rabari

tribal full back tattoos women

In the Rabari tribal village of Gada, east of Bhuj. As with most of the tribals in the area the women also produce vibrantly embroidered clothes, mainly for their own use.
IMG_7738.JPG Nick's Tattoo's Stencil

tribal scorpion

Nick's Tattoo's Stencil in Progress...
Out of the darkness... From my first

tribal tattoo bodybuilder back

From my first ever solo shoot with a model. Taken at Temple Works in Leeds. I think this is probably one of my favourites from the whole day and I prefer it more in this black and white version. Ironically it's one we grabbed on the offchance. Crammed in at the bottom of a short flight of steps and in near darkness. It was tricky to get the camera to focus...but we got there! Model : Dan Gilbank (
Tribal Shoot This is a

tribal sister tattoo

This is a tribal themed shoot I did for a felt making project for college. JJ looks hot to trot and I can't thank her enough for helping me with this considering all the staring dog walkers we encountered. So many thnx to her for being a super duuude.
tatoueur lyon inky dinky tattoo lyon studio tatouage lyon Inky Dinky -

tatouage lyon tribal

Inky Dinky - Tatoueur Lyon 13, rue Vaubecour 69002 Lyon Du lundi au samedi de 14h à 19h Le matin sur RDV uniquement à partir de 10h (Possibilité de RDV à partir de 19h) Contact : 06 66 99 57 11 Aiguilles à usage unique Stérilisation par autoclave classe B Hygiène aux normes en vigueur
Tribal Shoulder Tattoo Complex tattoo on

armtattoo tribal

Complex tattoo on the shoulder and arm, with a very tight tribal design.
GEDC0555 Ge digital camera

cool tribal

Ge digital camera
My Wheels My Muv Tata

dove tribal

My Muv Tata Sumo, which is a backbone of my journey in exploring destinations, specially the forest of Central India since 1998. The tough one,,,,,!
Design on Ankle Nice little motif

henne tribal

Nice little motif on ankle. Sparkles !!
Dad's Tattoo The tattoo I

male tribal arm

The tattoo I got of my daughters initials
290F Me at 290

man tribal tattoos

Me at 290 pounds
Day 182c / 365 / 2011 - July 1, 2011 "I Left Work

pictures of tribal full arm sleeves

"I Left Work Early" I think Omaha has post-CWS hangover. Everyone spent all their money the last two weeks. Been slow the last day or two. I had nothing to do this afternoon so I left early. I left early yesterday too. Been doing tons of laundry, and attacking the pent up need to thoroughly clean this apartment! Making good progress. I could not decide which photo to go with, so you get more than one today.

Three random tattoo ideas

"Homeward Bound" Lord, I never,

sailor tatoo

Lord, I never, EVER would have dreamed that I would end up marrying an ex sailor with tattoos -- - ;)
Biomecanico/Biomecanic Tatuagem feita por

tatuagem duende

Tatuagem feita por Jean Paul Zilli [artista plástico], dono de famoso estúdio de tatuagem, piercing e maquiagem definitiva: Zilli Tattoo Clínica, com mais de 20 mil tattoos feitas em sua carreira até 2009. Situado na Rua Quatá, 474 Vila Olímpia São Paulo, SP Tel: (11) 3044-7799 Cel: [11] 9584-8180 Cep. 04546-043 Email:
She's fading away

tatto caviglia

She's fading away Away from this world Drifting like a feather She's not like the other girls She lives in the clouds She talks to the birds Hopeless little one She's not like the other girls I know.