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tatoo tribal floral

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Fairy's back tattoo project Still long hand-tapping

tatoo tribal video

Still long hand-tapping tattoo session of the back tattoo for Fairy Agustianto on 25th August 2012. ...and always listening to background musics. ;-)
tribal Lugar: El Kubo

tatoos tribal de espalda

Lugar: El Kubo Crew Body Art, Cholula
Leleka Leve sua alma

tattoo tribal passaros

Leve sua alma para voar e cantar.
Wolfstribal Heaven's Tattoo

tattoo tribal wolf

Heaven's Tattoo
Smokey Smoke and waterfalls

tribal and japanese tattoo sleeve

Smoke and waterfalls japanese style. Second part, moving towards my sleeve. Unhealed. And the tribal is an old sin.
Baby Bump Grunge Wonderful texture from:

tribal design pregnant image

Wonderful texture from:
The painted cheek Linn has been

tribal ear tattoo

Linn has been illustrated and wears a mysterious vial in her ear.
Entertainment Collection On Fire Just look at

tribal gear gallery

Just look at the work and see your own interpretation of the work that will always be unique and set apart from anything else that will and ever has existed.
Rich Evans BFG keeps the

tribal gear tattoo

BFG keeps the action going with the Nation of GO Tour. Follow us at .
Punk Parasol Originally Parasol, this

tribal little

Originally Parasol, this pony was in terrible shape! Used an ink pen for the tattoos, Elmer's glue on the mohawk.
330# - 20 Obligatory gainer belly

tribal man tattoos

Obligatory gainer belly pic in the ever popular sitting position as it always emphasizes the beer gut and makes it look even bigger. The addition of a wifebeater is just icing on the cake.
Final Front The finished work,

tribal names

The finished work, front view.

Three random tattoo ideas

Minha super tattoo Feita pelo Sergio

tatoo de triskle

Feita pelo Sergio da Tattoo You. Isto na verdade é uma cobertura.