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Tattoo1775 I took a

arm tattoo tricep

I took a few photos of my friend/lust object Jennifer at Pedernales State Park... part of my attempts at doing some work with actual people as the subject matter. This is the rough first take, tweaked on my laptop after a long day of building sets for Cloud 9 and then chilling out with a beer.
Not Just Skin Deep Philadelphia 2010 -Self

last name on tricep

Philadelphia 2010 -Self
janflex comments?

tatoo tricep

Deserve You know what

tattoo for back on tricep

You know what it means
otherarm Other arm done

tattoo for tricep

Other arm done May 2006
Tattoo1776 Another version... this

tattoo in between bicep and tricep

Another version... this one better I think, but I'm putting them both on the web for comparison
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Three random tattoo ideas

Dad's boys SERGIO ,Custom Tattoo

faith cross tattoo

SERGIO ,Custom Tattoo Artist ~The Origional Fleshpirate , Creating Dreams & Fixing Nightmares since 1992~ Custom's - Cover Up's - TinyTatt's - Freehand (615) 519-1594
Day 112 - Three Hours Later... I got my

tattoo of a narcissus

I got my first tattoo today. This is a big deal to me [obviously] but I've been wanting to get this done for about two and a half years now. For those of you wondering just what it says/means, it is the Hebrew form of the name Jedidiah, meaning 'beloved of the Lord.' 365 Days