Trust - Tattoowise

Feel the burn. Tattoo on J.

dont trust nobody tattoo

Tattoo on J. Tattoo work done by Donald Purvis at and photo by Me at
fly little birdie, fly i stood stone-like

trust few tattoo

i stood stone-like at midnight suspended in my masquerade i combed my hair till it was just right and commanded the night brigade i was open to pain and crossed by the rain and i walked on a crooked crutch i strolled all alone through a fallout zone and came out with my soul untouched i hid in the clouded wrath of the crowd but when they said "sit down" i stood up ooh ooh growin' up -- bruce springsteen
trust love without trust there

love trust tatoo

without trust there is no love
I'll Find It You Already Take

trust in few tattoo

You Already Take Me There When all I have is on the floor Divided, divided When I'm a world away from peace Behind Your eyes is where I know I'll find it, I'll find it Cause who You are defines my dreams You Already Take Me There by Switchfoot
*UPDATE: Tattoo completed and posted! Amira 1hr;10mins. script

faith trust tattoo

Amira 1hr;10mins. script sketch. Another free tat design that was requested. I am going to try to keep track of the time it takes to make them.... NOTE:THIS OFFER FOR FLICKR MEMBERS ONLY!!! more of my artworks can be seen at
*UPDATE: Tattoo completed and posted! Isaac script (1hr

tattoo about trust and faith

Isaac script (1hr to complete) w/flowers n vines...first request (from original LOVE tattoo design free name sketch offer). 8-28-09 *I have made the offer to draw a name tattoo for you (anyone) for free..NOTE:THIS OFFER FOR FLICKR MEMBERS ONLY!!!..this is the first request that I recieved. turned out nice I think and took about an hour to sketch. Limited to this script and one name/phrase only please and send me back photographs (of finished tattoo and I will post tattoo artist name/location if they want) AND put word out that I am doing this! Geez I don't ask for much do I? Ha :) More of my artwork can be found at myspace page
Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust This is my

trust and faith tattoo

This is my second tattoo! It's Disney Inspired-Tink quote "faith, trust & pixie dust"
I Wish I Knew The Plans I Know The

trust tattoos

I Know The Plans I know the plans I have for you I know the things that I want for you to do I know the plans I have for you And it hurts sometimes to see you cry "I Know The Plans" by Waterdeep Being back in Oklahoma has had me at the height of frustration because I just wish I knew what the next steps I need to take in my life are. I can't tell if I know them and avoid them, or if I am just confused. Once again, I am feeling a lot better having gotten all of this out. :) UPDATE: Ha! Man, looking back at this picture is actually encouraging. I now live in Los Angeles, and am pursuing my dreams. :-D Crazy how quickly life changes.
Believe, Trust, Dream A candid shot

trust believe dream tattoo

A candid shot of girl with tattoo
Some Days Trusting Is Too Much Trust "Learning again

lily trust tattoo

Trust "Learning again that I am not my own Crawling back to where I belong Caught in between knowing You and trusting me Come on take a ride out of the in betweens Now I know I need You" "I Trust You" by Skillet

Three random tattoo ideas

122/365 (HENNA.)

Almost worth the

all photo henna eid

(HENNA.) Almost worth the wait!
"Jaguar Girls" I love to

tattoos de jaguar

I love to create new personalized meanings through twisting and blending traditional tattoo symbols. I’m fascinated by building on an older style- like the pin-up girl- who many say was perfected by Sailor Jerry, who mixed skull, danger and snake motifs together with a busty beauty. He combined both masculine and feminine icons to create pinups that were bordering on dangerous (“Man’s Ruin” was a common banner placed across an ample butt). I like to push this hybrid pinup one step further and draw deeper, darker, more overtly sexual figures evoking a dark goddess figure. These ladies embody the attributes of a Sheela-Na-Gig of ancient Ireland, Ishtar of Mesopotamia, Isis of Egypt and Inanna of Summeria. The goddesses are life-givers and life-destroyers- not merely sexual toys. The punk rock feminism of the Riot Grrls was an early influence . There exists an aggression and anger in my pin-ups that reflects these principles, as well as from my own personal experiences. I was such a shy soft-spoken “good” girl reared on Midwestern 80’s pop culture. But what I was drawn to as an adolescent- the freak scene, the art kids, the queers, and losers- put me on the outside of “normal” in my Kansas hometown. The music and DIY aesthetics of bands like Hole, Bikini Kill, and The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black gave me courage to carry on. I still tap this vein of emotion when drawing my pin-ups. They dare you to call them a bitch…
buttonhole book with vintage design One of the

back and white swallow tattoo

One of the first buttonhole books I ever made and I had no complete description. ;) So please... some appreciation for me. :D I think I will rebound it with red thread but I didn't found one in good quality yet.