Turtle - Tattoowise

tattoo this is the

tattoo turtle foot

this is the first tattoo i got shortly after my 18th birthday. it's a turtle that i designed myself. i thought it was really important to make my first one especially be a personal design
3/52 - Slow Down I woke up

turtle tattoos for feet

I woke up this week feeling like time was running out... I'm running this race not being prepared physically nor mentally. The turtle tells me to breathe... i'm breathing, i'm taking a break. Slow down White Rabbit, 'dear, oh dear, it's ok if you shall be late'
Caddo Pot Caddo pot found

turtle family tattoo

Caddo pot found near Neches river, broken and glued.
Stitch has a crush on Kennie. :S

tatoo hawaii turtle

on Kennie. :S
Honu boy, strikes again John's tattoo -

turtle tattoo hawaii

John's tattoo - a turtle. He and a dozen little kids got it at the Marriott.
my Tattoo Cross with a

honu the turtle tattoo

Cross with a rose wrapped around it on the shell of a polynesian turtle.
Tribal Turtles Art by Sherrie

hawaiian sea turtle tattoo

Art by Sherrie Thai of Shaireproductions.com
beach 045 sea turtle tatoo

maui turtle tattoo

sea turtle tatoo
The Goof - opening night Never met so

black turtle tattoo

Never met so many friendly and welcoming people in all my life. The opening night for my show was amazing, bit too amazing as i missed my flight the next day. Huge thanks to Tommy, Judith and Eel for arranging everything and being such good hosts. And to the girls in the shop for looking after me all week!

Three random tattoo ideas

Side By Side Side By Side

tatoo on girls butt

Side By Side - 2008 Base Montreal Open Volleyball Tournament
orientale... mi manca la

tattoo ring

mi manca la Tunisia!!!
Abendmahl www.andys-tattoo.com

for arm sleeve tattoos