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Caged ©LeDor Inspired by

tattoo art twins

©LeDor Inspired by the Yves Saint Laurent Cage Boots.
"les filles de la bordello" inspired by the

tattoo art for twins

inspired by the painted ladies of paris. © lindsay podd 2008.
Xed Le Head What else can

tattoos twins picture

What else can I say? The God Of Tattoo's. (He's a very famous tattoo artist!) I spoke to him for a while, he is such a nice guy. Really down to earth. Wish i had the money to get inked by him!
Donna and I Donna took this

rose tattoo on twins

Donna took this portrait of us at arm's length.
So I was minding my own business the other day when Sarah stormed in and informed me that it was cleaning day... I politely and

tattoos twins get

I politely and correctly informed her that cleaning was best left to women. She glared, made some crack about how I was probably right, seeing as my penis would undoubtedly get in the way. She grabbed a stack of comic books locked herself in the bathroom. After about an hour, and a LOT of strange noises/lights she emerged. Then "she" emerged again. To my shock Sarah had managed to clone herself using techniques learned from comic book science. Naturally I assumed she had created reinforcements to avenge my sexist comment regarding cleaning. But to my shock, the clone was apparently created to help out around the house. This is going to be great! On a technical note, I didn't shoot this to be a clone shot. I was just messing around and decided to see if I could make shots I took in the past work. So there are quite a few blending problems. But for an unintentional clone shot, it worked out pretty well.

twins and tattoos

you may be shocked to hear - edward cullen is actually a huge veronicas fan. like, really.
Dragón de Soya  //  ¿coincidencia? Junta Flickr Lugar:

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Junta Flickr Lugar: Calle Sta.Rosa // Restaurant CANTON Santiago // Chile Fecha: Sábado 07 Abril 2007 Modelos: Brazo - Paolix // Jeans - Mar_brand Creador de la Mancha: Paradise Condoro City Técnica: torpeza natural con efecto dominó en dos botellas un vaso y el frasco completo de soya sobre la mesa y una pisca en el jeans. Fotografía: Sebastian Araya Pino Contacto:
twins Julianne has joined

tatoo twins

Julianne has joined the Army and is going to be deployed to Iraq. I spent several days photographing some of the last days she spent with her family in the home she grew up in in Mokelumne Hill California
the kiss jayme foxx

tattoo twins

jayme foxx

Three random tattoo ideas

tattoo redo -- phase one Phase one of

spool and thread tattoo

Phase one of a cover-up job. Picture taken about four hours after it was done. The shadowy area in the center of the yarn ball was a horribly botched tattoo that I designed years ago. It was still very dark and scarred and I am surprised that this first session covered it as well as it did! So happy! :) Also -- the perspectives look a bit more off than they actually are because of the way my shoulder is angled in this shot.
Twin Mask detail It's not really

bali masken tattoo

It's not really finished. The balinese mask in the middle which is done by a balinese artist years before needs some more perfection in details. Today i made the Twin Mask above and started enhancing the middle mask. You can see what's fresh done and what's old. 7 hours are enough for today ;)