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Three random tattoo ideas

9.12.2008, Tattoo in honor of my parents Got it done

tattoo honor parents

Got it done on 9.Dec.2008 In honor of my beloved parents that have always been there for me and always will. Without them I wouldn´t be who I am! The dove represents their marriage, (35years allready!) and the heart that the dove carries in form of a ribbon symbolizes the love that they give me every day!
Lights - Den Haag Den Haag -

sunset and surf tattoos

Den Haag - Summer 2012
Danny Sewell Danny Sewell 02/11/09

portrait sleeves tattoos

Danny Sewell 02/11/09 Could have turned the power down on the light directly left of the camera (right of the model) down to be fair, but still quite liking the cold flavour in this. Bowens Quad 2002 Flash heads left of camera @ 4/7 power & far right @ 2/7 power Bowens Quad 1500w pack fired through white soft boxes 8 o'clock to camera @ 45º & 5 o'clock to camera pointing at the model on low power Aperture ƒ29/ Shutter speed 1/200th/ 100ISO View Large On Black