Victorian - Tattoowise

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04.27.10_Color Tattoo Calf tattoo- Victorian

victorian flowers tattoo

Calf tattoo- Victorian inspired owl
New Tattoo - Hand tattoo designed and

victorian hand tattoo

tattoo designed and made by stacey
04.03.11_Tattoo_01 Initial outline and

tattoo victorian flowers

Initial outline and shading. Right thigh. Dawn Grace @ Tattoo Factory in Chicago
floral frame colorful floral frame

victorian leaf tattoo

colorful floral frame
Social Butterfly She looks kind

victorian butterfly tattoo

She looks kind of anguished.
DSCF4545 ive been tatttooing

tattoo victorian

ive been tatttooing one year this month!!!
corak20 Floral background, vector

tattoo victorian flower design

Floral background, vector illustration
Midnight Party

tattoo victorian style
Apparel Design: Skull Snake Decor © Artwork by

tattoos victorian designs

© Artwork by Sherrie Thai of shaireproductions.
New tattoo leg Antique bisque doll

victorian design tattoo gallery

Antique bisque doll leg, tattooed by me.
Foliage Background Foliage Silhouette Background

victorian floral background

Foliage Silhouette Background
New Tattoo lady in a

victorian flower gallery

lady in a teapot
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Three random tattoo ideas

butterfly another photo with

coolest tattoo ever

another photo with the "memoirs" theme i just love the poster from the movie :)
ink'd again per•se•vere verb to


per•se•vere verb to persist in a state, enterprise, or undertaking in spite of counterinfluences, opposition, or discouragement This is a word that I keep telling myself daily. Even though I wouldn't call my life traumatic like many people on this planet, I do have my own set of difficult times and things I've been through. I want to persevere through any situation in life and strive to improve myself through the next phase of it. I've wanted it for years and I finally got it. Will Card over at True Tattoo hooked me up with this sick hand-lettering. He's amazing and it's way better than any of the million treatments I drew up for this over the years. Worth every penny. I love it.