Victorian - Tattoowise

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04.27.10_Color Tattoo Calf tattoo- Victorian

victorian flowers tattoo

Calf tattoo- Victorian inspired owl
New Tattoo - Hand tattoo designed and

victorian hand tattoo

tattoo designed and made by stacey
04.03.11_Tattoo_01 Initial outline and

tattoo victorian flowers

Initial outline and shading. Right thigh. Dawn Grace @ Tattoo Factory in Chicago
floral frame colorful floral frame

victorian leaf tattoo

colorful floral frame
Social Butterfly She looks kind

victorian butterfly tattoo

She looks kind of anguished.
DSCF4545 ive been tatttooing

tattoo victorian

ive been tatttooing one year this month!!!
corak20 Floral background, vector

tattoo victorian flower design

Floral background, vector illustration
Midnight Party

tattoo victorian style
Apparel Design: Skull Snake Decor © Artwork by

tattoos victorian designs

© Artwork by Sherrie Thai of shaireproductions.
New tattoo leg Antique bisque doll

victorian design tattoo gallery

Antique bisque doll leg, tattooed by me.
Foliage Background Foliage Silhouette Background

victorian floral background

Foliage Silhouette Background
New Tattoo lady in a

victorian flower gallery

lady in a teapot
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Three random tattoo ideas

Condorito Polera hombre -

sudamerica tattoos

Polera hombre - Condorito (polera negra / estampado blanco) Disponible en tallas M y L. Valor: $12.000 Polera Mujer - Condorito (polera negra / estampado blanco) Disponible en tallas M y L. Valor: $12.000 Consultas:
Khamu smoking woman Laos The Khmu is

laos tatoo

The Khmu is one of the largest ethnic groups based in northern Laos. They can also be found in Myanmar, southwest China, Thailand, and Vietnam Khamu women can be seen everywhere in the villages, at the markets, or on the roads, smoking tobacco (before it was opium) in very nice silver pipes. The Khmu are an agricultural society, although hunting, trapping and fishing are parts of the Khmu lifestyle as they live near the rivers. Most of the agricultural work in Khmu villages is done communally, but rice harvest is generally done by the women. Only the old women still wear the indigo blue clothes… © Eric Lafforgue Contact Download my free I-Phone App Follow me on Twitter