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committed Violin jamboree today

tatoo violin

Violin jamboree today at the farmer's market.
Next to you Pose by Lost

violin tattoo gallery

Pose by Lost Angel If you want me to leave, I will understand See I will just have to respect your wishes boy Cus if I stay aint no tellin what may happened boy Although you look so good to me, its best that I leave Listen :
Our tats! My friend and

violin tattoos

My friend and I got our tattoos together. She got the F Holes in violins. This was taken like an hour we got them done which is why it tooks all gross.
 INDIGENE by Virgil

violin gallery

INDIGENE by Virgil Ortiz
The Woods. Just my violin

tattoo of violin

Just my violin and I.
Midsummer Dream <<フィドル>> Portrait of Myself

tattoo violin

Portrait of Myself by Me!!!
Midsummer Dream <<フィドル>> Portrait of Myself

tattoo with violin

Portrait of Myself by Me!!!
ingres violin my tattoo

violin tattoo

my tattoo
Ce n'est pas un tatouage Qu'est-ce qui est

violin tattoo back

Qu'est-ce qui est ? (no nos hacemos responsables de las posibles atrocidades del traductor). Imagen por Horror Vacuii
Street Music On Pearl Street

playing the violin tattoos

On Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado.
Tattooed Violinist Bastille Parade

tattoos of a violin

Bastille Parade

Three random tattoo ideas

Posada-"Calaveras" woodcut-View  I got this

jose guadalupe posada tattoo

I got this woodcut as a tattoo first for the aesthetics of it--I love how woodcuts translate into tattoos--and then because of the way I'm drawn to death and mortality as portrayed in art, especially memento mori works and art that captures how different people's attitudes towards death that are . That said, those heavier themes are definitely lightened by the cool little guy riding the devil's tail! Tattoo by: Eric Doyle, Jinx Proof, Washington, D.C.
ensayo de tatuaje (fake tattoo, but

salamandra tatuaje

(fake tattoo, but soon will be real)
New Tattoo Minus the serpent

octopus in tattoos

Minus the serpent head yet and still needing colour