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Three random tattoo ideas

Limbo stick or cable? All around the

tattoo of italia

All around the limbo clock Hey, let's do the limbo rock
We love you Sam!!! My friend, Sam,

angel halo and wings

My friend, Sam, passed away 1/25/08. She was only 18. She lived her life the best way she knew how. Loving life, ignoring the bullshit and always up for having a good time. My tatt is the one with the single 4-leaf clover. I got that done a few years ago. Sam really loved my tatt and wanted to get a 4-leaf clover on her foot as well. It was her only tattoo. Amanda and Amy got their memorial tatts done a few months after she passed. Amy's is the one with the pink angel wings and the green clover and Amanda's is the one with star halo. BBB on Amanda's tatt stand for Sam's nick name: Big Booty Batjes. We love ya girly!!!