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More of Le Monstre . Cats sleep. A lot. When they aren't sleeping, they want to play. Unfortunately, cats are also quite nocturnal -- which means playtime comes when *you're* trying to sleep. They're just bloody lucky they're cute. Or, at least, this one is. I wasn't sure about this photo at first, but it continues to grow on me. I like the almost desaturated look of the cat (she's grey and white... mostly) against the green of the blanket, and the orange of the chair. In case anyone's wondering, that's a blue/green tattoo in her ear. My entire Cote Vermeille Travel Set is here .
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with wingz. Follow?
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Conflict is never fun, especially when there’s no avoiding it . I know I look like a goofball, but someone suggested I should smile, and here’s why I don’t. “She Drives Me Crazy” - Fine Young Cannibals