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Sass Dragons Althea N. Hell benefit show Milio's Hair Studio Chicago, Illinois August 22, 2009
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Did you know that the word “person” comes from the Latin word “persona”, which means mask? So maybe being human means we invite spectators to ponder what lies behind. Each of us will be composed of a variety of masks, and if we can see behind the mask, we would get a burst of clarity. And if that flame was bright enough, that’s when we fall in love. War, Inc.
XXX Sebastian Gesang
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Sebastian Gesang Picture : Marc Marx 8/3.5 lens

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so, ive got jakes day old footprints on my back and well, Dylan is 15months now so i thougt it only fair i got something sorted for him too. I've been carrying this tibetan script around for nearly ten years after travelling in Northern India meeting a few tibetans in exhile (the Dali Llama amongst others - i never get to name drop so im doing so now!). So i was given this script by a tibetan monk we shared a train carriage with. my surname is Stone and this script says 'Precious stone' (or 'an annoying western hippy' - I'm only guessing he was true to his word - he was a monk, they dont tell fibs do they?) so, i got it tattoed across the inside of my right wrist yesterday. Jo(my wife) wasn't too impressed, but she went mental with the footprints so i shouldnt be surprised. i love it - and if i go for a job interview, i wear a watch! the clingfilm is in order to persuade my skin
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View On Black Milano Tattoo Convention febbraio 2009 At work: Babiloniartattoo Bari VS Dragonartattoo Opera
Another night at Hostal Miami Panama City, Panama


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Panama City, Panama © Diego Cupolo 2011